EINSOF.IO provides spiritual wisdom for attaining unity with our infinite source…

From the perspective of Light, no time has passed. From the perspective of Light, the Beginning and End are One. The effect is within the Cause, declaring the end at the Begining.  E = mc2

Unite with GOD’s [יהוה = YHVH] Will and Wisdom, and thereby with GOD Himself, because Torah and GOD are One. Be one with the Word, know the commandments (connections), keep them and be them inside and out. An action below arouses an action above when perfected below by our deeds, the Holy Name becomes One, GOD is the only existing Being, and all is contained within Him.

In the Hebrew Torah given by GOD on mount Sinai, in Genesis and Exodus, after the first “T”, counting in 49 letter increments, you find that the letters spell Torah repeating at length. In Numbers and Deuteronomy, these 49 letter increments spell Torah backward. In Leviticus the middle book counting in 7 letter increments you find the name of GOD יהוה. The Torah of יהוה is perfect, even if one letter would be moved or missing it would not be from God, Creator of All.

See only good see only GOD, let your consciousness be unified to the only One. Positive and negative with a resistance generates Light, let them all be good in your sight. There is no fitting vessel for the infinite light flow, without a Mitzvah (connection) below! Be unified in thought intention, speech, and action, creating a clear path for the lights flow, filling the World and your Soul. A Soul, the sum total of One’s desires, the will power to overcome them, direct them, correct them, and fulfill them. A desire without resistance [will] is darkness, not Light.

Keep the 613 connections and be a channel of Light. All the connections were made for all your desires, to fill them with Light! He isn’t far, He is quite near, without Him animating every moment you wouldn’t be here. In performing a connection, you are one with GOD Himself. Overcome body and attain Soul, overcome Soul and attain Ein Sof. Put yourself to death and find life, you are light bathing in light. Walk in his ways and be perfect, through a complete nullification of one’s self to GOD. Following the light is the path of grace, attained only with a direct desire for GOD and nothing else. This is the path that begins when all others end, knowing that nothing else can fulfill you, only GOD Himself. Seeking to unify with the Source of All.

Einsof gave us Himself in Torah. The Infinite One compressed Himself into the Torah that looks finite and is infinite. So let us consume and internalize His Wisdom for the creation and illumination of infinite worlds. This is why we are commanded to emulate him… soon the righteous will create worlds and resurrect the dead.

Time is Circular, its beginning wedged at its end. We are creating restrictions in time and space through the Mitzvot (connections), emanating and adding more light on each rotation. Bless and say thanks more, He placed it within us to shine brighter every day, you are his treasure his reward. When you reach the end, it’s just the beginning. There is Eternal Life and Light. Let us be one with the Infinite One.

The path of charity is Life, on the way of its path there is No Death.

Awe – Sum of All | To fear God – Deut. 10:20

How many things come from my Awe of You? Your Love clings to my Awe of you. Awe of God is the beginning of wisdom, wisdom that begets good understanding, that beget knowledge of God. Halleluyah! how generous is Your goodness, that is revealed to those in awe of You. “This [Awe] is named beginning; it is the [force] through which one enters faith. The entire world is based on this connection. Awe branches in three directions, two of which are [not focused on God.

One who fears God’s physical or spiritual punishment is focused on himself and not on God at all. Be in awe of the Lord because He is infinite and supreme, source of all worlds], before whom everything is considered as nothing.

[Fear the Lord whether judgment or favor, arouse awe constantly fearing the Lord fittingly,] not hardening [your] heart, for one who hardens his heart falls into evil. This is the root and foundation of all the commandments in Torah. Whoever adheres to Awe adheres to all; one who does not, does not keep the connections of Torah, for this is the gate to all. It is written after Awe, beginning, sum of All. ” – Zohar

Fear and Awe point to the same force within us. It is Awe when focused on God. It is fear when focused on oneself. Awe focused on God binds us to God, the source of all. One who fears for oneself is bound to darkness. The wisdom that endures comes only from awe of God. Without the awe of God, there is no wisdom. Awe is the root of turning away from evil, enabling one to keep all 365 negative commandments. Nothing for my self all for I AM WHO I AM. All these form the first Letter of your Holy Name, Yud. Awe of YHVH heightens sharpens and is the source of my awareness of You.

Sin is to join below causing separation above, so blessings cease to flow into the world. “One should separate below and join above. Focusing ones awe up above towards God to be bound and unified to Him. Everything is in the hands of God except the fear of God. How great is, awe, in the sight of the Omnipresent, included in awe is humility, and included in humility is, devotion. Whoever possesses fear of God attains humility, and whoever possesses humility attains devotion.”– Zohar This is a prerequisite to divine service.

Blessing: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endures forever. Blessed be the name of his glorious kingdom forever and ever.

Psalms: You who fear him, trust in the LORD – he is their help and shield.115:11 From everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s Love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children.103:17 Praise the LORD. Blessed are those who fear the LORD, who find great delight in his commands.112:1 I will praise you with an upright heart as I learn your righteous laws.

“If only they would fear me and obey all my commandments as long as they live! Then things would go well for them and their children forever!” Deut. 5:29

Fitting awe emanates from my heart pushing forward and upwards into the Light. Arouse the divine energy of Awe of God, by meditating on this name of God:
Fear God Awe

Love Aboundingly | To love God – Deut. 6:5

Awe is linked to love, never departing. Abounding love, is loving one’s Lord consummately. “Walk in My presence and be wholehearted, consummate in love… God said, Let there be light, consummate Love, called abounding love. Here is the commandment to love one’s Lord fittingly.

Abounding love is consummate love, consummate in two aspects. Unless embracing both, it is not consummate fittingly… Love, love of the blessed Holy One branches in two directions. There is the person who loves Him because he has wealth, longevity children surrounding him; he dominates his enemies, his paths are paved. Because of this he loves him. If things were overturned the blessed Holy One turning the wheel of strict judgment against him, then he would hate Him, not love Him at all. So this love is not rooted.

The love called consummate abides both aspects, whether judgment or favor. The ripening of the way is to love one’s Lord… even if He plucks your soul. Such love is consummate, embracing both aspects. So the light of the act of Creation radiated and was then hidden away. When it was hidden, severe Judgment flashed, and two aspects merged, consummating love fittingly.

Awe should certainly not be forgotten in any of the commandments and should cleave especially to this commandment. How does it cleave? In one aspect, love is gracious- as explained- bestowing wealth, goodness, long life, children, and sustenance. So one should arouse awe, fearing the sway of sin. Therefore it is written: Happy is one who always fears, for awe is embraced by love.

So awe is linked to both aspects, embraced by them. This is fittingly consummate love ” – Zohar

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. Love is the root of doing good, enabling one to perform the 248 Positive commandments. Do to others as you would have them do to you.(L 6:31) “Love your neighbor as yourself”, this is the whole of the Law. Give of your self, Love is the fulfillment of the law.

”What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is yours.” Love is an illumination, an act of bestowal, a sharing force that fills every void. Love because you Love to Love God, then you will always have Love. Attain heaven while alive with Love so strong you expire into the light, each time your soul renewed. Indestructible, we are Light bathing in Light. Love everyone as your self, simply because they are. Love is a bond more powerful than death. Acts of love and charity save from death because love is bound to Life.

We comprise one whole, every individual possessing qualities that others lack, only through unity and sharing can heaven on earth be attained. Everything we need exists within one another, bring forth what is within you. Give of yourself, filling the lack in the world. God is male and female in one, rich and poor in one, rendering goodness… Emulate him out of Love becoming one. Separation is the cause of death. In love make spiritual and physical one, male and female one, and rich and poor one, eliminating the separation that causes death. In unity we sustaining each other, and we endure forever.

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” ~ Solomon 8:3
Feeling what another feels, this is the key to omnipresence, this is love, this is God. My Love, My Dove, My Holy One.

Love can emanate from your heart pushing forward and upwards into the Light. Arouse the divine energy of unconditional Love, by meditating on this name of God:


Let’s hook these people up with a good masseuse because they are a stiffed necked nation. Check what kind of pillows they are using too… Mom! Jacob is using the Rock as a pillow again.

I can walk to the Moon, I have just one question before I go. Where did you guys leave Jacob’s Ladder?

Why is eating a worm more unkosher than a pig? Because you might accidentally eat King David, so humble. Did I stutter? implied God through Moses the humble.

Who holds the record for becoming the youngest Motherfucker?
If I impregnate a virgin in order to give birth to myself, doesn’t that make me the badest motherfucker of all time?
Who claims to hold the truth but has a few thousand different versions of that truth?  Some fools who didn’t want to get the answer wrong.
JC penny, a penny for your thoughts. We agree the Torah is perfect, so why didn’t you just copy off His answers? It’s a Mitzvah to copy off God’s answers.  Bro! it’s literally one of the commandments.

Even if your wife is an ass, she will see the Angel of the Lord before you. Hee-haw! Balaam

Someone came to my house and saw a painting, asked if I had a son, I said no why? It looks like a five-year-old painted it. No, I painted it and put the happy face sticker on myself… You could put it in the conference room of Boss Baby, Maybe. I’m not going to be an artist that’s ashamed of his work, what do you have against children’s paintings anyway?

I saw you guys destroying the world, it looked like so much fun I’m here to join you. Natural disasters here we come… Don’t worry its all natural. Let’s make sure we cut down all the Trees, so our only choice will be to eat bread from Heaven with a Tree of Wisdom a Tree of Life.

Whatever floats your Boat… Torah water floats my Boat, Good Will.

Why did the Rooster Like the Duck? She was the only one who did Mikvah.


Drop an idea down the empire state building, fly away my thought, become something! I hope to see you on Amazon soon!

World of Concealment

This is the world of lies, this is the world of concealment. If you can’t share what you have, what you have is worthless.

Everything you obtain here in this physical world is a temporary illusion. You haven’t obtained anything. The only thing obtained is something given. Let those who think they have everything keep it to themselves, thus rendered worthless. But better to convince one to give it to another in need, this counts as if you have given, everything he gave you have given.

Everything in this world dissolves into chaos. Hold on to the eternal. Overcome death and chaos, tightly grasp the Tree of Life, Torah.

Alef Bet

The Hebrew letters are channels of Light, they are the building blocks of Creation. Everything in the universe is animated using Hebrew letters. YHVH is the animating force of everything in the Universe. Torah and God are One, Trough Divine Speech, Creation sealed in Truth.


Alef, First of all letters and numbers, beginning of counting, everything starts with One 1. Only through א, is the Holy One, One. Union is actualized by א, One worth a thousand, One worth them All, YHVH upper YUD, Torah VUV, Human lower Yud. א = Alef = 1 = Yud VuV Yud = 1000


Bet, the first letter of the Torah, and the number Two 2, for Written Torah and  Oral Torah. The letter ב‬ was chosen first from twenty-two to Begin Creation, Bereshit “In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.” Two in One, Male and Female as One Home, in Wisdom and Understanding.

Life Flow

How do we change the world? Matching and mirroring pacing and Leading.

God sheds two tears a day for you, to save the world for you. Till you realize he is there with you. Just connect, will you?

With the Lack of an Apple, an Apple, with just the taste the residue. How do you like them Apples?

Action without Awe and Love is like a body without a Soul. Action without a goal? When the goal is Soul.

With the Wisdom of the seven days of creation, we can fill the entire universe with Life. With all the secrets of space travel, just unfolding. What do you need? I’m out of jet fuel… We’ve Got Hydrogen and Oxygen, just provide all the food we need, don’t worry just exhale. We even invented the first space suit. And what did you discover? All you had to do was look was under the covers, tardigrade.

Silly Folly Fool

Let me tell you what a wise and lofty tree once said, “I am Groot”. Be your self, that self that’s one with God Him Self. 

Light out of darkness he called, very good. There is only good so very good.

If you’re going to err, err in Giving too much charity, err in loving too much. If you’re going to be a fool, be foolishly compassionate foolishly friendly and kind. When you share, do it unbounded to logic or reason, so your blessings will be unbounded gifts beyond reason.

The strongest want to be on top, the strongest want to take by force, but have you ever seen a person carrying a horse? No not that baby horse. 

This isn’t a war, no battle at all. In being incorrect they’re already lost.

Let’s rip through everything in a funny way, creating light along the way, laughing crying awake again. Purification, Destruction, what’s the difference again? All gone like a dream my Friend.

You can’t know the mind of God… You don’t  know your own subconscious! Just Be Concious, we all live in eachother, remember so We can all be One, and have so much more Fun. 

You can only know that which you are, if you are like God than you will Be One with God.

God wants to give infinitely, Oh how much more light is revealed with a broken vessel. It’s not spilling, broken and flowing with purpose. Infinitely more than what it’s meant for.  

Break your self, there is so much more beyond the shells of your ego. A bold fool with no ego, filled with an infinite flow.

When keeping count, your not counting on God. Bounded and limited to logic and reason.

Male and female as one. Rich and poor as one. Spiritual and physical as one. God is One, that’s Heaven, lesson done.

What you do to another, God will do on to you.

If you put God last, God will put you last. If you put God first, God will put you first. At every moment and for everything put God first!

The thought of good and evil is a fractured conciousness creating good and evil. That’s the lie of the snake that everyone believes. God is One, eat from all in oneness and remain one with God.

I don’t think therefore I am. I am therefore I observe myself think.

Do you believe that’s your shirt, or do you know that’s your shirt? What’s more certain, knowing or believing? It’s better to have proof, it’s better to know. Please take all your beliefs and theories and put them in the garbage where they belong.

He who goes with the wise will become wise, but he who befriends the fools will be broken.

Be Like a Flee that always keep jumping, be the first to arrive once we blow the lid off.

Eve is about to take a bite out of the Apple… No No No! don’t eat that, those are good-ol troughing apples to pelt the snakes with. Phew we avoided 6000 years of suffering.

Darwin is depressed thinking “my mother’s a monkey”, goes to the Veterinarian and says tell me about this thing about the youth in Asia? You don’t look like a Monkey… “You’ve never met my Mother”, says Darwin… If you choose to be confined to physicality, if you choose to be a monkey, do not ask why you are devoid of Light. Don’t reject reality and live in a world without a cause, without a Creator.

The Science Delusion

To think a house was constructed without a blue print. To think life and the universe was created with no thought at all, with no rhyme or reason. A fool who believes in an effect without a cause, a fool with no God at all. Please keep adding years to the universe as if time could remedy a lacking cause. Adding more time to try and make your lies work, you go further from the truth, because of everything that must exist simultaneously or it could not and would not exist at all. An object will never move no matter how many billions of years you give it, the only thing that can make it do that is a force, a cause. Time will never spontaneously produce the results you want.

Without a flower there is no reproduction, and without reproduction evolution cannot occur. Try and have a flower and bee evolve over billions of years. Once you realize it all had to function perfectly with everything in place  simultaneously or else it would all crumble, you can admit you lied and made those years up, as if time was ever a cause. Time is the effect of creating space.

Why motion why movement at all? Why would a Light enliven it all? Know that what moves you, moves everything else, it’s Wisdom it’s Light fulfilling it all. The space and distance between you and the Light is moving it all.

The effect is in the cause. If the effect is life and consciousness than it must have been in the cause, this is Law. All these years in the wrong direction, when we have always had it all from the beginning, with nothing new under the sun. You seem to think God lied to you, you seem to think your brighter.

When the observer changes, what he observes changes, so what have you learned? Science is like a dog chasing it’s tale attaining nothing at all.

God said, “you will not follow after your Heart and after your eyes which lead you astray”. But did not listen, you followed after your hypotheses and what you observed and made this your new God, you made this your truth. Trying to find truth with foundations of lies. Everything emanating from consciousness and you look and prove and find nothing at all (Hey buddy the keys are in your hand.). Continue to believe that only what you can observe is real, not conscious at all. When will you observe and see that which can’t be observed or seen? Wake up! be conscious that your conscious, and conscious is all.

Crowned with Torah in the Garden of Eden

Crowned with Torah in Awe and Love from head to toe for Ein Sof. With Awe and Love towards God applied at our highest level, everything that manifests below is Awe and Love for Ein Sof. With this Awe and Love above we rule over our heart and everything below.

Inside our heart exists the good and evil inclination. Why do we have both? Because we need positive and negative to have Light. One who uses his good and evil inclination to serve the Lord, that is very Good. Turning darkness into Light and bitter into sweet in his life.

I Love you, Lord. Let me be One with the One for me, so your name is One. Male and Female unite in one bond with Awe and Love emanating from their Hearts and Awe and Love below. These four connections of Awe and Love are the four rivers of the garden of Eden my Love. We Love because we Love to Love. Defying logic or reason, each in the other abounding in Love. God is Male(YHV) and Female(H) in One. Rich and Poor in One, rendering Goodness. If Money is the root of all evil, how easily it’s uprooted with Charity. Every Sefirot(world) contains within it every other Sefirot, so at every level our Love flows, there is nowhere you can be that our Love won’t go.

Awe and Love towards Ein Sof, a Male attached to God with both negative and positive attributes (Upper two rivers of Eden.). Awe and Love below from Male to Female (Yesod to Malkhut. Lower two rivers of Eden.).


One who can feel with his heart can cry out to God, and be saved. A cry a prayer and repentance are from the heart. All the gates of prayer are opened to one who cries out to the Blessed Holy One.

Feeling awareness the stuff of consciousness. One who hardens his heart cannot feel and becomes unconscious, unaware of the Holy One, unaware of what will befall him. When unconscious we become fools marching towards death.

One who wishes not to feel and not to cry, his wish is death. In death, we lost our chance to change by choice, and will be unable to shed a tear to save our life. Repent here and now save your eternal life, with life.

The Omnipresent one feeling and knowing all, always bearing the pain of the world.

Our heart is like an antenna the stronger it is the more it senses and perceives. You who feel the most are strongest of all. Those who do not feel with a heart of stone, weakest of all.

They know not what they do, because they harden their hearts in order to sin. Sin is simply foolishness, unconsciousness. What Light can you experience while unconscious?

Feeling what another feels, this is the key to omnipresence, this is Love, between you and I, this is God.

Charitable Giving – Tzedakah

It is the giver who is the true receiver, and the receiver that is the genuine giver… Our sharing actually benefits ourselves even more than the person with whom we share.

The true secret to riches is charity. By increasing charitable contributions you increase the down-flow of Divine energy into this world. Giving creates the receptacle for receiving. Charity is the core of all the commandments and it surpasses them all. Giving from the toil of your hands is the love of friends as your self, rich and poor in one bound.

If you don’t care about money, you don’t care about charity.
If money is the root of all evil, how easily it’s uprooted trough charity.

You are in the image and likeness of God, this is why giving feels good and being in need feels bad because it makes you dissimilar to who you truly are, a giver. When you receive in order to delight God, the act is giving and bound to God. Desire to receive in order to delight God. Desire to receive in order to share. This keeps you in the image and likeness of God, by being in the attribute of bestowal.

Receive as much as you can, in order to share as much as you can.

Matter is made of consciousness

Matter is derived from consciousness, consciousness is fundamental. Everything that we regard as existing, exists in consciousness. Consciousness begets Matter.

Without Torah, everything descends into chaos and consciousness ceases to be. The world was created with the Torah, it preserves consciousness, and within consciousness, everything exists. Our consciousness affects the physical world because they are one and the same. You affect your environment and your environment affects you. We are Living in the mind of God. Everything exists within consciousness. Look beyond the creation to the one creating it.

Wisdom is Light

Wisdom is the very substance of Light, the essence, and core of that which it describes.
The Wisdom you read becomes the Light that fills your temple… Read or pray to create more positive vibrations that serve the world. Wisdom is food for the soul and positive actions are its garments…

Hate & Envy

Those that envy you, want to be like you the most. Help those that envy you, so envy does not become hate. Show them how to attain what you have, sharing your abundance. Compassion destroys hatred and awakens love. The more we give the more we are given… Envy keeps one in a position of lack and darkness. Simply ask and be illuminated.

Limiting Infinite Potential

Souls made of unbounded light with infinite potential are thought limitation by those who hold their own limitations as truth… Set yourself free of it, Step out of past and future, step out of your self and trust in the Light. Not by us but through our faith in God, is infinite potential unlocked.

ART, an expression of the Divine.

God is an artist, a woman is a work of art. All God’s creation a work of art.

We are dancing with God, connected souls across space and time. Seeing God in everything… “One who does not see God everywhere does not see him anywhere.”

You are the Light

No one can take away what truly belongs to us.
We live in the world and the world lives in us. You are the Light, identify with the Light. The Holy One is within you.

Divine Justice

Those who bless, shall be blessed, and those who curse, shall be cursed.

An Eye for and Eye does not leave the whole world blind. It means to restore what was destroyed with that of equal value.

The righteous suffer in this world, to purify their soul, so that they can merit the World to Come.

God pays those who hate him in this world, so they have no share in the world to come.

Create a New Reality

Step out of past and future, and create a new reality. Be, think, do, and have a life of joy, life without sadness, life that is real life, freedom in this world, freedom from everything… Read Torah and speak a new reality into being. Every time you have an evil thought ignore it and read or think of Torah. Be like the flame of a candle, always flickers upwards. “The body of a man is a wick, and the light is kindled above it.”-Tanya

Burn the bridges behind you, so you have to move forward. There is no point in wasting your time doing something you don’t love. Do it with the confidence that God will provide something better. Trust in God, the pattern you create with your thought intention desire speech and action is what shapes the world around you.
“When one door closes another opens”. Just simply close those doors yourself.