2. Penitential Prayers Before Rosh Hoshana – Repentance for Everything – Seder Seliḥot


Say from ” Happy are they,” till “ for it is great,” after which say the following —

O Lord God of Hosts, adored by higher beings, You said, Return, You refractory children, come before Me with praise and thanksgiving, seek you My countenance with tears and fervent supplications: though mere lip service remains, unanswered, yet to the truly penitent the gates of mercy are open. Your word is settled for all times, Your kind ways are forever invariable.

Lo, we come to You like the poor and needy, You are righteous, and we are iniquitous. To You, we return abashed, and at Your gates, we coo like doves. Remember us, to grant us a happy life, cleanse our stains, and whiten them. Blot out the sins of our youth like clouds, renew our days as the days of yore. Remove the pollution, and extirpate wickedness, sprinkle us with purifying water. We know our wickedness; we are refractory and treacherous, and our stubbornness is as that of strong oak. Like a vineyard, we were planted, but our flowers are faded, nettles and thorns have covered the face thereof; accustomed to evil-doing, clinging to idols, taking bribes, and following after rewards. We have quickly profaned the wedding canopy, since then we have been constantly retrograding, not progressing. The sacrifices of the fat rams have passed away, gone is the fragrance of the incense, the captain of fifty, the counselor, and the honorable man, the ruler, the anointed priest, the Levites, and Aaronites. Look on our condition, how reduced and destitute we are, grieved in spirit, and bitter as wormwood. We seek You in distress and pour forth our prayers; the fear of Your judgment alarms us. Cause the branch of righteousness to grow up unto the faithful, command the former iniquities to be removed. Let the voice of him who calls cause contention to cease, hush the accuser, and bid the traducer be silent. Let our humble spirit, our contrite and broken hearts, be as acceptable to You as the fat of sacrifices. Perform unto the children the oath You did swear to the fathers; hear in Your holy habitation the supplications of Your worshippers. Strengthen their hearts in the fear of You, You will cause Your ear to bear their fervent prayer. Raise up again Your people from destruction; let Your former mercy quickly anticipate us. Let Your favorites who hope for Your mercy, and rest in Your compassion, go forth acquitted.

For we confide in Your abundant mercies, and we lean upon Your righteousness; we look to Your forgiveness and hope in Your salvation. You are the King, whoever loves righteousness, who remittest the iniquities of Your people and removes the sin of those who revere You. You did make a covenant with the ancient patriarchs, and You performest Your oath to their posterity. You are he who descended on Mount Sinai, in Your cloud of glory, and You showed Your ways of goodness unto Your servant Moses. The attributes of Your mercy You reveal unto him, and You did make him know that You are omnipotent, gracious, long-suffering, and plenteous in beneficence; diffusing good abundantly. You still guide the whole world with Your attribute of mercy; for thus it is written, “ And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before You, and will proclaim the name of the Eternal before You; I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and show mercy to whom I will show mercy”

0 Omnipotent! You are long-suffering and are called the Lord of mercy, and therefore You taught us the way of repentance; 0 remember the greatness of Your mercy and kindness to the offspring of Your beloved, on this, and every day. 0 regard us with mercy, for You are the Lord of compassion. With prayer and supplication, we approach Your presence, as You did make known of old to Moses the meek. 0 turn from Your fierce anger, as it is written in Your law. 0 may we be shielded and lodged in the shadow of Your wings, as on the day when You, 0 Eternal, descended in a cloud. 0 pass by our transgression, and blot out our guilt, as on the day when You did stand there with Moses, on Mount Sinai. 0 hearken to our cry, and accept our prayer, as on the day when You did proclaim the name Eternal! and there it is said, “And the Eternal passed by before him (Moses) and proclaimed: The Eternal is the immutable Eternal Being; an Omnipotent God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in beneficence and truth; keeping mercy unto thousands, forgiving iniquity, transgression, and sin, and acquitting. Pardon our iniquity and our sin, and take us for Your heritage.

Forgive us, 0 our Father! for we have sinned: pardon us, 0 our King! for we have transgressed. For You, 0 Lord! are good, and ready to pardon, and of abundant mercy unto all those who call on You.”

Our voice shall You hear in the morning, O Lord ! in the morning we will direct our prayer unto You and will look up. And You, 0 Lord, are a shield for us, our glory and the lifter up of our heads. You, O Lord, remain forever; Your throne from generation to generation. He loves righteousness and judgment, the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. Your mercy is great, 0 Lord, quicken me according to Your judgment. Enter not into judgment with us, for in Your sight shall no living man be justified.

Like a father has compassion on his children, so have compassion on us, 0 Lord! Salvation belongs to the Eternal! Your blessing be upon Your people. Forever! The Lord of Hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge. Forever! 0 Lord of Hosts! Happy is the man that trusts in You. Save us, 0 Eternal! Let the King hear us when we call.

“Pardon, I beseech You, the iniquity of this people, according to the greatness of Your beneficence, and as You have been indulgent to this people from Egypt even until now: And the Lord said, I have pardoned according to Your word.”

0 my God! incline Your ear and hear, open Your eyes and behold our desolations, and the city which is called by Your name; for we do not presume to present our supplications before You on account of our righteousness but in reliance on Your abundant mercy. 0 Lord! hear, 0 Lord! pardon, O Lord! be graciously attentive and grant our request: delay not for Your own sake, 0 my God! for Your city and Your people are called by Your name.

O Lord, when on the appointed day You come to judge the world with justice and power, I step before You with dread to propitiate You, and to extol You; I do not rest on my deeds, but on Your mercy; O Lord, act kindly towards me for Your name’s sake. The faithful, so mighty in intercession, are cut off; also those who set up fences, and stood in the breach, who forcibly brought their petition before him who dwells in the high heavens; the godly man has perished out of the earth. Behold, I am unworthy, what shall I answer You? Behold I am small and without works to show; and how then, can I
hope, being so full of vice, that the words of my mouth shall be accepted? I am afraid, and dare not show you my wishes; my wickedness and rebellious disobedience render me timid. Gracious One, have mercy on me when I confess my sins, and forsake them; hear the voice of my supplication when I cry to You. I have erred, but here I return penitently to do Your will. You who are of pure eyes, esteem me as one perfect before You. 0 God, deal generously with me, so that I may know I have found grace in Your sight. Let Your power, I beseech You, be great, and be gratified with my prayer as with the prayer of an old man, who is fluent and eloquent of speech; look down from heaven, and behold my broken and contrite heart.

Turn again our captivity, 0 Lord, as the streams in the south. Return, 0 Lord, deliver our souls to save us for Your mercy’s sake. Seek the Lord, while he may be found, call upon him, while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

Our God and the God of our fathers! We beseech You, stir up Your old love with which You did love the numberless congregation, designated by all endearing terms; for my brethren and companion’s sake, I pray for it, still let me say a word. Even when You did ascend the high hill to impart to them the ancient treasure for a delight; You did liken them to a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, and did call them, “ My son,” and they said, “ He is my friend, my King, and my Lord.” You did cause the goodly heritage to inherit the pleasant portion, where they were in close proximity to Your glory; and now strangers and evil-doers have driven them away, and Your friends dwell in a land which belongs not to them. Remember, and forget not, hold not Your peace, and be not still, 0 God, when Edom and Ishmael design to cut me off. Gracious One, You knowest all these travails, thus says Your friend Israel. The robbers have forged lies against me and plundered me, the oppressors forced me to exchange the unclean for the clean; daily Your servants are beaten, and the voice of Your friend’s blood is crying. They have dug a pit as a snare, my soul faints and longes to seek Your help. O may You appear at my door, to be my salvation, saying, my friends I am seeking. From the New Year’s day, when You take Your seat on Your glorious throne and look down to examine both the hearts of those who serve You, and of those who rebel against You, exact the debt from all the faithless, and let Your hand release what Your friend owes You. At the time when the books of fate are read to the creatures of Your world, decreeing life or death to the rich and poor, 0 most High, in whose temple dwell grace and favor, be surety for Your servant for good, so that Your friend may live with You. Turn to me, be gracious, to me, and raise me on high; let those who provoke You perish in wretchedness and in poverty, but when You deal out to each his appointed supplies for his support, do not shut Your hand from Your poor friend. I rose at dawn to pray to You, 0 my Creator; let Your tender mercy prevent me, and forgive my transgression and misdeeds; let Your mercy be extended to me as one who comforts affliction. O that You are as my friend! Turn to the supplication of the wrenched and their cry, their soul and spirit is full of troubles; cast into the depths of the sea all their sins ; 0 we pray, forgive now the trespass of Your friends and their sin. I rejoice at the word of Your promise, by which You did encourage me through Your faithful messengers; when will You bare Your mighty arm? Go now, I pray You, see whether it be well with Your friends. You are of old the hope of Israel, and the sword of their excellence; 0 living God, raise even now their height, strengthen their arm, and dwell among them, and look how Your friends fare, and their pledge.

0 deal not with us according to our sins, requite us not according to our iniquities. For our backslidings are many, we have sinned against You. Purge us with hyssop, and we shall be clean; wash us, and we shall be whiter than snow. Be not wroth very sore, 0 Lord, neither remember iniquity forever; behold, see, we beseech You, we are all Your people.

My eye pours out tears unto God, I cry unto him, and he said, Lo, here I am, give ear unto my words when I supplicate, answer me, 0 Lord, answer me. When You weigh my actions in the balance, You shall find I have but a small share and pleasure in Your commandments, and if You determine my lot according to my works, I am afraid, because I am bare of good deeds. Drive away, and consume sin and rebellion; pour forth Your healing balm out of Your box, and let my righteousness plead for me with my Creator, on the morrow when You come to fix my reward. Cleanse my stains, and whiten my red sin, consider that our origin is dust, and repay us not according to our deeds, for the wickedness of man is great. In what way can the soul that sinneth be ransomed Riches profit not, nor great ransom when You raise a witness, ready to depose, how within and without we are stained with guilt. How can anyone deny what he himself has set down, his own perverse actions, and all that has happened; and how can he imagine no one has perceived them when the plague-spot is visible on the walls? The pure beings who attend and guard Your people wherever they go, no, even his own conscience, all testify against him, be he rich or poor when he stands before the King. I tremble, for nothing is hidden from him who knoweth what are his inward thoughts, and when he is on his couch, he shall reckon with him that bought him. Before Your feet dash against the dark grave, cleanse Yourself from all iniquity; for no creatures can save You when the ruler says: Come and let us reckon. Four periods he has fixed and appointed, on which he judges the remnant of Israel; and if they have trespassed against You, have respect unto the covenant, and do not stand in the crossway to cut off.

For when on the appointed day He comes to determine every man’s fate, all, whether poor or rich, will have to pass in judgment before him. Appoint an advocate for Your people, and at the time when all mankind are summoned, and, like a flock of sheep, have to pass muster, let Israel’s cause be first called; save them from perdition, assure them of happiness, and judge the nations each by itself, lest there should be an intermixture. Illustrious one, who can be compared to You. In the ordinary course of things, a broken vessel is not used, but You despise not a contrite and broken heart: is anything too wonderful for the Lord? Hew down the stumbling block, so that the path may become even; turn away the hidden monster, for this enemy heedeth not our damage: come on, let us deal wisely with him, lest he become too mighty. All his life man serves two masters, doing the will of his Maker, and following his own inclination; well for him if at all times he clings to his Creator, for then he is a servant free from his master. He who in time prepares his meals works for this world, and enjoys in that to come; but he who does not begin his work until Sabbath, what availeth it. That which is crooked cannot be made straight! Hence we hasten to pray to You even before the day of judgment, and You will attend; fasting coupled with genuine repentance will turn away Your wrath, but it will not suffice to be as the dog who returneth to his vomit, and to say, I will sin again and then repent. Rise You, who sleep in the cave of Machpelah to strengthen me, for I am vile, and can show no good deeds; intercede You therefore for me, with God, and give a reward for me of your substance. Stir up Your mercy to grant strength to those that have no might, though they have been forgotten these many years; open the gates of tears to Your favorite plants, who come before You with weeping and supplication. Almighty One, through our rebellion we are reckoned as strangers, we return unto You, O compassionate be as a father has compassion on his son. Remember You have called us children, and we all have one father, why should the name of our father be done away? I have no offerings, to present; let therefore my prayer and supplication take its place; accept the present that goes before me, and let this person know that You are the Lord. He taught and ordained repentance from the beginning; God designed it for good, and so we hasten to return to You; turn unto us, 0 Lord, unto You we shall be turned. Your friends cry and pray to You in their distress; let their voice be heard on high in his dwelling, may his mercy be moved for the sake of the three patriarchs, and God Almighty give you mercy.

0 Lord God, destroy not Your people, and Your inheritance, which You have redeemed through Your greatness, which You have brought forth out of Egypt with a mighty hand. How can man be justified with God, and how can he be clean that is born of a woman? Shall mortal man be more just than God? Shall a man be more pure than his Maker?

0 Lord! when You judge man, who is but a worm, remember in Your wrath Your graciousness and compassion. When You arrangest judgment, to rebuke the guilty, be favorable to, and justify the simple and erring. Render kindness and mercy to the undeserving: extend not judgment to ring out its dregs. When they who are poor in works and destitute of rectitude, call on You, be You found by them. Behold we have come in Your presence with our great trespass, and we are ashamed to supplicate You. Can man be more righteous than God, can man be more pure than his Maker? Presumption is hidden in him; vanity is within him; he is full of iniquity and abundant transgression. He must at last render an account in judgment to the King of kings. The record of his sins is engraved by his own hand, to his face will it testify of his wickedness. The beam from the timber shows and declares it, and the stone from the wall says aloud. His face will be put to shame when he is judged; he is counted as naught when he stands in Your presence. We beseech You to be favorable to the work of Your hands; behold our humiliation, and preserve us from destruction. Let Your servants find grace this day, purify them, desire their adherence to You as of old; O make the sins of Israel “ the lily,” as white as wool and snow.

What is man that he should be clean? and he which is born of a woman that he should be righteous? What is man that, You should visit him every morning, and try him every moment! 0 Lord, rebuke me not in Your anger! neither chasten me in Your hot displeasure. You open Your eyes upon such a one too and then brings us into judgment with You.

0 Lord! when You visit man every morning, wring not the extension of judgment to the dregs. If You shouldest contend with body and soul, they would be cast down, and not be able to rise. Can man be purified in judgment, if he is not possessed of good deeds to justify him? The extension of the semen, whence he has been conceived, is a fetid moisture, and which is hidden with him, and lieth in wait to ensnare him from the time that he is born. He is hidden, and lurketh as a snare to his feet, he enticeth him daily, to cause him to fall into the pit. There is no power or might in the body to rise up or stand against him. From the time that he has attained the years of discretion, he procures his bread at the peril of his life. All his life he is satiated with vexation and sorrow; he is not at rest until he returns to the dust. 0 Lord, have regard to the sorrowing soul; look at the broken-hearted. You are near to those who are afar off; You desirest the repentance of the wicked. 0 Almighty! be found of those who seek You; say unto those who desire You, “ Lo; here I am.” May those who call on Your name hear the glad tidings, “ I have pardoned, justify in judgment the people who proclaim Your unity. Dumbfound the filthy one (Satan) that he may not cause our condemnation; be wroth with the accuser, that he may not accuse us. Raise up for us an upright advocate; and cause the backsliders to hear the expression, I have found a ransom. We have cast our burden upon You; we, therefore, beseech You to sustain us. 0 be entreated of us by our prayer; fulfill our request and desire with mercy. In You we place our confidence; hasten and prepare Your mercy for us. O You who are strong and mighty, we have not forgotten Your name; we beseech You not to forget us.

Say “ Omnipotent King ” “And the Eternal passed

What shall we say in Your presence, 0 You, who dwells on high? What shall we declare unto You, who resides above the skies? What shall we say, what shall we speak, how shall we clear ourselves? Behold he puts no trust in his servants, and his angels are charged with folly.

Say from “ Like a father has compassion,” till “when we call,” then say the verses “ For we do not presume,” and “ 0 Lord, hear,”

Our God, and the God of our fathers! 0 do not cause the children of Your faithful nation to perish through the full rigor of justice and its consequent violent destruction. Discard the thought of contending with them, look to their affliction, and cast them not off. You were pleased to appoint them to be Your people ; 0 cast them not off on account of their transgression. Account their presumptuous sins as simple errors; “ withhold from presumptuous sins,” the souls of those that long for You. Cleanse their pollution, that they may attain to purity and sink their weighty trespass in the deep. Make not a full and decisive end of them, but snatch Your people from the impending ruin decreed against them. At this season, when You sit to judge us in rectitude, rebuke the adversary, that he accuse us not. When the book of record is unrolled in Your presence, let not the retribution of their iniquity, encompass the people who are scattered among the nations. Temper the decree of rigorous justice, and purify them, as nitre does the dross, and hasten to remove her alloy. Man, who is curdled as cheese, and melted as wax, would be overwhelmed in a moment if You should lay Your judgment upon him. Render therefore unto him according to Your beneficence, and not according to his deserts; incline the balance to reward him, and not to destroy him. Put forth Your hand to receive him; have mercy upon him, that he may not go down to the pit of destruction.

Say “ Omnipotent King,” “And the Eternal passed,”

Remember we beseech You that You have made us as the clay, and will You bring us into dust again? We know that we are destitute of good works, yet for the sake of Your holy name, act charitably with us. Arise for our help, and redeem us for Your mercy’s sake.

Say from “ Like a father has compassion,till “when we call,” then say the verses “For we do not presume,” and “0 Lord, hear,”

Our God and the God of our fathers. In You the poor finds a defense and a refuge in his trouble. You hide sins, and abhor wickedness; You judge favorably and search for righteousness. Everything appears clear and intelligible before You, but You desire not to notice iniquity. Of this, we are fully acquainted and know that this is Your way. Behold we have come to take refuge in Your shadow; 0 You who are beneficent even gratuitously, extend to us the right hand of support that is spread at the door. When the poor knocketh for mercy, let Your response be “ take the good.” It is the praise of Your attribute, that those who approach You destitute and empty, You cause to return full. O support the fallen, despise not the affliction of the poor, but accept his prayer. With Your beneficence blot out the record of our guilt, command the recorder to write an acquittance. Let the mild voice of clemency avert the rigorous decree; may it be your will, 0 Creator! to subdue the evil imagination. Repress the bad inclination of our heart that we may cast away sin, and be benefited by repentance. Remove evil from us: cause impurity to pass away, and give us a pure heart, that we may walk in Your statutes.

Say “ Omnipotent King,” “ And the Eternal passed,”

Be not wroth very sore, 0 Lord, neither remember iniquity forever; behold, see, we beseech You, we are all Your people. Your holy cities are a wilderness, Zion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation. For our souls are full of troubles, and our lives draw nigh unto the grave. Shall Your lovingkindness be declared in the grave? or Your faithfulness in destruction?

Say from “ Like a father has compassion,” till “ when we call,” then say the verses ** For we do not presume and “ 0 Lord hear,”

Our God, and the God of our fathers consume the seductive, foolish inclination, which excited man to sin, fling it away, so that it may mislead us no more. Banish the impure desire which pollutes the innocent, and blot it out from our hearts and meditations. Annihilate the memory of the deceiver of the honest, who lures them on to crooked paths, lest idolatrous worship be paid to him. Destroy the vermin that lurk at the gate of the heart, strangle it, so that a new heart may be formed within us. Banish the unclean, the venomous, that seduced us to sin, drive him away, lest we incur punishment; seize the churl whose instruments are evil, bind him, lest the house of the evildoers rise again. Overthrow him who is delicately brought up, and domineered over us in the end; let Your flame consume him so that no remnant be left of him. Remove the noxious leaven, which spoileth the dough, and maketh it moldy, render it innoxious, so that sin may not stand. Gather the intriguer, who leads us astray, and ensnares us; break his neck, so that he cease to have dominion over anyone. Blunt the grieving thorn, and pricking brier; uproot it, lest it spoil the vineyard. Pour out the water of purification to remove our guilt, purge us with hyssop, and wash us clean. Let the red sin be whitened, and we shall be saved everlastingly; justify us in Your mercy, and let our honor be Your delight. Bare Your powerful arm, and restore us to our former condition.

Say “ Omnipotent King,” “ And the Eternal passed,” ,

For there is not a just man upon earth, that does good and sins not. Man that is born of a woman, is of few days, and full of trouble. You open Your eyes upon such a one too, and You bring us into judgment with You.

Sag from “ Like a father has compassion,” till “ when we call” then say the verses “ For we do not presume,” and “ 0 Lord, hear,”

Our God, and the God of our fathers. How can man who daily awaits death, justify himself? What can a creature say, who is led to the grave? His body falls into the pit, the abode of gloom and darkness; his conception is naught but vanity, he is like the beast that perishes. Are not his days but few and evil, and all his works iniquities and transgressions? But if he understands with his heart, and turns and hearkens to the voice of the Lord, he will heal him. If he acts with purity and rectitude, he will through them, find shelter and refuge. His life is accounted as naught, for his end is to return to dust. It had been better for him that he had never been created, than to be created for a day of trouble and wrath. His days are consumed in affliction and shame, and his end is to give an account in judgment. He is like a slave, who longs for shelter; yet from the power of the grave he cannot be delivered. Wherefore came he forth from the womb, since he is preserved for strife and contention? What will the abundance of his riches avail him, when his eye is darkened in the day of wrath? His soul will depart from him ; in the hour of death, he will be exceedingly terrified. Storms and whirlwinds terrify him, the pangs of death encompass him. Naked he came forth from his mothers womb, and naked will he return to his eternal home. Suddenly he will be caught in the evil snare, and there will be none to redeem him. He will inherit trouble and the shadow of death, and will be separated from his house and his riches. His end draweth nigh, and his hope is destroyed ; his light is quenched, and his memory is lost. The worm will inherit him, the insect will have power over him. He who hears this will weep, and be sorrowful; with weeping and supplication, he will roar as a lion. Let him multiply prayer and charity, and peradventure he will be preserved from severe chastisements.

Say “ Omnipotent King,” ” And the Eternal passed,”

Shall mortal man be more just than God? Shall a man be more pure than his Maker? The Lord is good to all, and his tender mercies are over all his works. The Lord is gracious and righteous, our God is merciful. Behold he puts no trust in his servants, and his angels are charged with folly. We are conscious that we have sinned, and that no one can defend us: 0 let Your great name support us in time of trouble.

Say from “ Like a father has compassion,” till “ when we call” page , then say the verses “ For we do not presume,” and “ 0 Lord, hear,”

0 Lord ! if the sentence of judgment should be inflicted with exactness; if the work of man should be searched and scrutinized! no man should be justified before You. The heavenly hosts incur disgrace. Lo! You attribute folly to Your angels; much more to man, who drinketh iniquity as water. We have neither merit nor righteousness; sin and wickedness has consumed us. 0 You who are good, enter not into judgment with us: have compassion on us; regard us according to Your tender mercy; but not according to our evil deeds. Our back-slidings are too abundant to be numbered, there are no offerings for a sweet savor; O grant forgiveness for iniquities. We depend not on our righteousness, being polluted with transgression and iniquity: we arrange supplications, that we may experience Your righteousness. Extend not the strict line of judgment because of our ways; for our end is to be food for the worm and insect, and our years are falsehood and vanity. O turn, and repent You of this evil; this is Your way, to show mercy, even to those who do not deserve it; in Your abundant mercy, have mercy on us. Your attributes You did make known to the meek (Moses,) to teach them to us; You did acquaint him with the arrangement of the thirteen attributes; and did assure him, that they should never be ineffectual. With them we have arranged our supplication before You; accept the cry of those who supplicate You, and dismiss us not empty from Your presence.

Say “ Omnipotent King,” “ And the Eternal passed,”

Though our iniquities testify against us. 0 Lord, yet act kindly for the sake of Your name. 0 God! if You will mark our iniquities: who is it, 0 Lord, that can stand? For with the Lord, there is mercy, and with him, there is abundant redemption. For with You is pardon, therefore shalt You be revered. Look upon our affliction and our pain, and forgive all our sins.

Say from “ Like a father has compassion ,” till “ when we call“, then say the verses “ For we do not presume,” and “ 0 Lord, hear,”

Our God, and the God of our fathers!

I am stupefied by my great sorrow, for on the day that my sins are visited, what shall I plead before my Lord? am weak and mute when I remember how guilty I have been, l am ashamed and even confounded. My days are consumed in vanity; because of the shame of my youth, there is no peace within me. I am burnt with fever, now that the record of my debts is unfolded, and the creditor comes to exact payment. I dwell in darkness, and my soul considereth not that I am only a stranger and a sojourner here. Woe unto me when my day cometh, then shall I awake from my dream, and return to the place whence I came. What answer shall I return to him who sent me here, when I am reproached with my great sins and transgressions? The pride of my heart has deceived me, and for the iniquity which I wearied myself to commit, he has called me from the womb. The fool imagineth in his heart, he is like a tree planted by the brook, while he is being carried to the grave. A vain delusion deceives him, which melts away on his pilgrimage, and turns this way and that way. He is cast into the grave like a dumb stone, and carry naught of all he has with him into the cold grave. His strength did not support him at the time when his soul animated him, how much less when the vital spark is consumed. My sensuality ensnared me, thus says my soul, when I still walked the earth. Hence my soul is desolate, and like a man lying in disgrace, I must return home naked. I suffer from my error, and within my heart I say I have sinned; I have not desired that which is right, and I have clung to the imagination of my heart. What avails my crying now? Suffer my soul, the punishment of Your guilt, behold Your sin opposite You, and bear You now Your confusion. When I am thus sorry for my sin, my thoughts reply to me, resign Yourself to the decree of God. Turn to me from Your dwelling-place, and open Your gates unto me, for there is none besides You. My rock, defend me, and redeem me from my sin, and teach me Your law. Hear my voice according to Your mercy, on the day I stand before You, put not Your servant away in anger. Look upon my affliction, and answer me; lo, here I am in Your hand, and You, 0 Lord, be gracious unto me. Send Your truth and Your mercy to me, Your servant, and to the people who cry unto You. Forgive our guilt, and remember not the sins of our youth, for our days are but a shadow.

Say “ Omnipotent KingAnd the Eternal passed,”

The Lord reigns, the Lord has reigned, the Lord shall reign forevermore. The Lord is King forever and ever: the heathen perish out of his land. Lift up your heads, O You gates; even lift them up, You everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. For the kingdom is the Lord’s, and he is the governor among the nations.

Say from “ Like a father has compassion,” till “when we call,” then say the verses “For we do not presume,” and “ 0 Lord, hear,”

One King shall all the nations have, and he shall set up my standard; to him who renders my habitation peaceful and removes my oppressors to mildness, I will confess my sin, and say, Where is my God and Maker? so that I may tell of my deeds to the king. The King will call his people Israel to account, therefore I hasten to fly for refuge to the Almighty; I and my family will fast and pray, and so I will go in unto the King Our King is greater than all the gods and is the Creator of heaven and earth; the angel of the Lord encamped round about them that fear him. Angels of mercy, entreat You him who once appeared in the thornbush, pray You, O chamberlains, who serve, in the presence of the King. 0 King, let nothing fall of all that You have spoken, to repair the breaches of the house, and to fence Your vineyard; gather cut the stones thereof, strengthen the advocate, and silence the informer, lest he do damage, for the enemy could not countervail the damage of the king! O King, may it please You to forgive our iniquities; rebuke the accuser, and let destruction and desolation come upon him, and let him withdraw abashed and terrified when he sees that there is evil determined against him by the King! The King’s decree is recorded according to law on the day when he judgeth nations—the righteous as well as the sinner and the guilty; and now the scribes of the King are convened. 0 write You for the Jews as it pleases you in the name of the King. 0 King, put to shame the brilliant sun service, and let the worshippers of Nebo be put to shame; and let every man cast away his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, for they shall see eye to eye when the Lord shall return unto Zion, and when the everlasting gate shall open to admit the King. 0 omniscient King! scatter the wicked and the brutish person, punish them according to their deserts, and rebuke them, cast out the scorner that contention may cease, and he open not his mouth, for none might enter into the King’s gate. 0 kind King! a royal commandment goes forth from him, which is well established, saying, I will keep the feet of my children, and I will not put them in the stocks on the day which is prepared to decide thereon who shall prosper, and who shall fail, for so the King has appointed. The King sits on the throne of judgment, and joins small and great, and discerns between him who is truly penitent and him who only pretends to be so, avenge the offended on the offender, in the seventh month show Yourself benevolent to us, 0 King. King of all the earth, the God who answered me in the day of my distress, and who was with me wherever I went, shall furthermore surround me, to save and gladden me. provided I find favor in the eyes of the King. O King, grant superior honor to Your servants, let their life be precious in Your sight who are their King and God; may the whole of Israel, man and woman, soon come to appear before the King. 0 King, whose servants seek his countenance with fasting, they of whom be said, Whoever touches them touches the apple of my eye; and lo, now say to those who oppress them, Perverse one, wherefore you transgress the commandment of the King? O, venerable King! how long will You let the children of Zarah and Pharez, Tamar’s twins, pine in prison. Restore their kingdom, and uproot Amalek, even as it is set down in Holy Writ because he has not performed the commandment of the King. 0 King, let his princes and servants compass him in his palace, let them feed in Bashan and Gilead, and dwell alone ; feed Your people with Your rod, lead me into a wealthy place, My Lord and King! O King, the eyes of all Israel are upon You, that You shalt gather my scattered multitude and shall not be condemned to slavery, yet reinstate in the gates of Jerusalem’ my elders and judges; then my priests and rulers shall worship You together, and the Lord shall be King, 0 King, my eyes wait to behold the magnificence of the House of the Lord, and the whole people together shall magnify his name; then shall our mouth be filled with laughter, and all shall joyfully sing and say, There is in Jeshurun a king. O King, how long shall my enemies exult? O God! they are great and prosper, and have destroyed the holy temple; behold they say, we have the power, but as for me, I have not been called to come unto the King. O, King! arise in Your anger to consume, as it is said, those who eat the abominated animals. In the noise of battle, he shall prevail against his enemies, for such is the decree of the King. Great King, remove from us the heart of stone, whiten our sins like snow and wool, that we may cleave to You with fervent love; give the King Your judgments, O God, and Your righteousness to the son of the King. 0 King, who faithfully judges the poor, You see that the pride of our spirit is broken this day; but a broken and a contrite heart You will not despise ; 0 deposit our works in the treasury of the King. 0 King, give Your righteousness to Israel, whom You love as a father loves his son; do not despise it, but turn unto the prayer of the destitute, and to all the servants of the King, who are at the gate of the King. 0 King, I have come to entreat You to inscribe me to a happy life, and to bless me with the abundance of Your house; let all nations hope in the name of the Almighty, and let them go up every year to worship the King.

Say “ Omnipotent King,” “ And the Eternal passed,”

They continue this day according to Your ordinances: for all are Your servants. And he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with equity. Let our sentence come forth from Your presence; let Your eyes behold the things that are equal.

When the Judges sit at the gates. The thirteen attributes which were repeated graciously; with every one of these attributes now arranged, will I supplicate the presence of my King with supplication, to search for the merit of those (Israel) who were surnamed, and called the rose. O deliver them from all evil, in this year. Although their trespass be so great as to reach to the heavens, and the stars; yet, with the arrangement of every attribute will I seek for mercy for them, to avert from them what is written, “ I said I would drive them into one corner; wherefore should the nations say, where now is their God! Though their iniquities be grievous and innumerable, yet, with the arrangement of every attribute, I beseech You, O Lord! to cast them away, and conceal them; and with forcible words do I supplicate You, to avert from them what is written, I will hide my face; wherefore do You stand afar off? O, Lord? why do You hide Yourself in times of trouble? Though they have acted perversely with a brazen face, in the presence of their heavenly King, yet, with the arrangement of every attribute, I will now open my mouth, to supplicate him; and You, my soul, pour out Your heart like water in the presence of him who is white and ruddy, saying, 0 God! wherefore have You cast us out forever? Though their foolish proud heart has induced them to commit presumptuous sins; yet with the arrangement of every attribute, I beseech You, 0 Lord, to deliver them from violence; come, hasten, and lift up the voice, saying, wherefore shall I go in mourning, in oppression? Though they have framed falsehood by their speech against You, yet, with the arrangement of every attribute, I beseech You to remember the love of those who delight in You, and suffer Your tender mercy to be moved towards the residue of Your people; wherefore, 0 Lord, shall Your anger be kindled against Your people? Though they would not hearken, so as to pervert their path, yet with the arrangement of every attribute, will I now arrange my silent prayer for my people, and pour out my heart and soul in the presence of my Maker and former; saying, wherefore have You broke down her hedges, so that all they which pass by the way, pluck her? Though by the abundant transgression they have rebelled against my Rock, my King, and Sanctifier, yet, with the arrangement of every attribute, shall my soul now seek pleasantness for them; and with my prayer will I address him who is most high, holy, and tremendous, saying, Wherefore, O Lord! will You cast off my soul Though for the abundant good they have enjoyed for a length of time, are they become as a backsliding heifer, yet, with the arrangement of every attribute, will I now lift up my eyes to heaven, and open my mouth for my people who are the fewest of all people; saying, wherefore will You forget us forever, and forsake us for so long a time Though our transgressions are abundant, so as to form an exceedingly great heap, yet with the arrangement of every attribute, will I now twitter with my voice, wonderfully: wherefore then do You withdraw Your hand, even Your right hand? Though they have perverted their actions, being proud and wicked, yet with the arrangement of every attribute, my heart is now inditing to save them; arise, cry aloud in the night to God, the Saviour! saying, Wherefore should You be as a man astonished, as a mighty warrior that cannot save But, if verily, all have turned to supplicate You with their heart and soul, then with the arrangement of every attribute, I beseech You consent to pardon them; grant it, O Lord! for Your own sake, forgive and pardon Your congregation; turn unto us, for the sake of Your servants, the tribes of Your inheritance.

Say “ Omnipotent King,” The Ark is opened, say “ And the Eternal passed,”

Enter not into judgment with us; for in Your presence no man living can be justified. Righteousness and justice are the basis of Your throne; mercy and truth precede Your presence. Let our sentence come forth from Your presence; let Your eyes behold our rectitude. And he shall judge the world in righteousness, he will minister justice to the people with rectitude. Your tender mercies are abundant, O Lord! revive us according to Your judgment. Exalt Yourself, O You, judge of the earth, render a reward to the proud. For the Lord is our Judge; the Lord is our Lawgiver; the Lord is our King! he will save us! Far be it from You to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked, far be it from You. “ Shall not the judge of all the earth do justice?”

Wherever the words (The burnt-offering), occur at the end of the verses, repeat, “ The burnt-offering,” till “ offered every morning.”

O Supreme Judge of the whole earth, You arraign in judgment; O grant life and favor to an afflicted nation; accept their morning prayer, as a substitute for the continual holocaust for The burnt offering of the morning which is a continual burnt-offering offered every morning. O You Who are invested and (as it were) enwrapped with righteousness; You who alone are all perfect! though we are destitute of meritorious works, remember in our favor the virtues of the patriarchs, who sleep in Hebron, and may their merits ascend as a grateful memorial before You, 0 Lord. (The burnt-offering,) O You whoever inclines to mercy, and to favor mankind with life; incline towards Your people with mercy; deal kindly with them, and grant them life. Inscribe them for life, and let that token be permanently impressed on their forehead. (The burnt-offering.) Favor, 0 Lord, Zion, my holy city; grant power and renown in Your house, to my holy priests; and adorn the Son of Jesse with refulgent splendor, that his light may shine forth continually. (The burnt-offering,) Be You of good courage, O my people, and fortify your hearts in God and his omnipotence; if You observe his testimonies, he will pardon your sins, and will remember mercy in his anger. Seek You the Lord, and his protection; solicit his countenance continually. (0 Supreme Judge,”.)

Say “ Omnipotent King,” “And the Eternal passed,” then close the Ark.

Do good in Your good pleasure unto Zion; build You the walls of Jerusalem. Then shall You be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousness, with burnt-offerings and whole burnt-offering: then shall they offer bullocks upon Your altar. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, 0 God, You will not despise. And in Your seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because You have obeyed my voice.

Say from “Like a father has compassion ,” until “when we call,” then say the verses “ For we do not presume,” and “ 0 Lord, hear,”

“Pardon, I beseech You, the iniquity of these people, according to the greatness of Your beneficence, and as You have been indulgent to these people from Egypt even until now: (as it is said), And the Lord said, I have pardoned according to your word.”

0 my God! incline Your ear and hear, open Your eyes and behold our desolations, and the city which is called by Your name; for we do not presume to present our supplications before You on account of our righteousness, but in reliance on Your abundant mercy. O Lord! hear: O Lord! pardon: 0 Lord! be graciously attentive, and grant our request, delay not for Your own sake, 0 my God! for Your city and Your people are called by Your name.

Our God and the God of our fathers! Yonder on Mount Moriah the tame dove, resigned himself cheerfully when the resolute one offered him for a burnt offering; to try him the High One said, Take now this lad as an offering unto the Lord. After the manner in which the basket is set down before me, take your son, and present him to me as an offering; I have chosen him, so rise and anoint him with the holy anointing oil. When the pure one heard it he did not grieve; the pleasure of his Creator was his own delight, and both Abraham and Isaac bowed down and worshipped the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Abraham prepared the wood and was ready to kindle the flame, and his only son, the tender one, longingly and wonderingly, asked, Where is the lamb, which is to be offered on the holy altar, God will provide himself a lamb, Abraham replied, to comfort the soul of the mother, once barren, but now rejoicing; he who knows hidden thoughts will listen to Your prayer, my son, and send You help from the sanctuary. Come now, my father, and bind me, lest I should be afraid of the slaughtering knife; bind me fast, lest I profane the sacrifice and desecrate that which is hallowed. The favorite scion broke out into tears when he thought of his father being deprived of children; yet the latter stretched out His hand to do the holy work, when angels wailed in the high heavens, and said, Who can bear to see the innocent dove: slaughtered? Be not silent, they called one to another, but lift up your hands in prayer. When the Supreme God beheld him who bound, and him that was bound, the bound lamb and the burning fire, He that tried the pure-hearted remembered. And his voice was heard in the sanctuary; and as the father was about to seize the knife, He mercifully exclaimed, “ Let go Your hold of Your only one; let him not perish!” This deed of Yours is deeply engraved before me with the engravings of a holy signet. I know Your piety; hasten joyfully, and take a ram instead of this fair roe. I have prepared a ransom for Your favorite scion, yet both he and the exchange thereof shall be holy. Thus the lad escaped the sharpened knife, and when he exposed his neck his blood was not shed; the father’s right hand seized the ram by the horn that caught in the thicket, to hallow it unto the Lord as a holy offering. All merciful One! grant peace unto his latter end, remember this day Your covenant with him unto his posterity, and let the remnant of those who escaped be saved, and they shall be holy.

Say “ Omnipotent King,” “ And the Eternal passed,”

0 Lord, remember Your mercy and benevolence, for they have been of old. Remember us, 0 Lord, when You favor Your people: 0 visit us with Your salvation. Remember Your congregation which You did acquire of old, which You did redeem as the tribe of Your heritage, this Mount Zion, whereon You have dwelt. 0 Lord, remember the love of Jerusalem, and never forget the affection of Zion. You will arise, and have mercy on Zion, when the time to favor her, when the appointed time shall come. Remember, 0 Lord, unto the children of Edom, the day of Jerusalem, who said, Rase it, rase it even to its very foundation. Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, Your servants, to whom You did swear by Your own self, and said unto them, I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven; and all this land of which I have spoken, will I give unto your seed, and they shall inherit it forever. Remember Your servants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and regard not the stubbornness of this people, nor its wickedness, nor its sin. 0 remember unto us the covenant made with our ancestors, as You have promised, “ And I will remember my covenant with Jacob, and also my covenant with Isaac, and also my covenant with Abraham will I remember, and the land will I also remember.

The Ark is opened.

Wherever the words (Bring back, to turn,) occur at the end of the verses, repeat the whole of each verse alternately.

Remember the covenant of Abraham, and the binding of Isaac on the altar, and bring back the captivity of the tents of Jacob, and save us for the sake of Your name. Too soon we lost the good land, and the prophesied calamity has lasted very long; the villages ceased in Israel, our plenty has been turned into dearth. 0 turn with compassion towards the remnant of Israel, and save us for the sake of Your name. All Judah have been repeatedly carried away into captivity; they grieve for that all day, and are consumed, and there is no one who inquires after them. (Bring back, ) The holy city and provinces are a shame and reproach, and all their desirable things have been taken away, and are no more; nought has remained to us but this holy law. (O turn,) You mighty Redeemer, redeem us for Your own sake; behold how our power is gone, see how our pious men are lost, and there is none fit to supplicate for us. (Bring back,) Remember, 0 Lord, Your covenant with our fathers and mothers, and the twelve tribes, Your mercy and loving-kindness to those who are stricken, and trodden down, and are ready all day to be slain for You. (0 turn,) O You who avenges blood, judge our cause, return it sevenfold to those who afflict us; we have been sold for naught, O redeem us without ransom. Raise up Your desolated temple before our eyes, and bring back the captives of the tents of Jacob, and save us for the sake of Your name.

The Ark is closed.

0 remember unto us the covenant made with the patriarchs, as You have promised, “ I will for their sakes remember the covenant with their ancestors, when I brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, in the sight of the nations, that I might be their God: I am the Lord.” Act by us, as You have assured us, “ And yet for all that, though they be in the land of the enemies, I will not reject them, neither will I abhor them, to destroy them utterly, and to break my covenant with them; for I am the Lord their God.” Restore our captivity and compassionate us, as it is written, “ The Lord Your God will restore Your captivity, and have mercy upon You, and he will again gather You from all the nations were the Lord Your God has scattered You.” 0 gather our dispersed, as it is written, “If Your outcasts be at the utmost parts of heaven, from there will the Lord Your God gather You, and from there will lie fetch You.” Cause our transgressions to vanish as a cloud, and as a vapor: as You have promised, “ I have made Your transgressions vanish away like a cloud, and Your sins like a vapor: return unto me for I have redeemed You.” Erase our transgressions for Your own sake, as You have promised, “ I, even I, am he who blots out Your transgressions for my own sake, and Your sins I will not remember.” 0 cause our sins to become white as snow and wool: as it is written, “Come now, let us reason together, saith the Lord; though your sins be as scarlet they shall become white as snow; though they be red as crimson, they shall become like wool.” Sprinkle purifying water upon us to cleanse us: as it is written, 0 “And I will sprinkle upon you clean water, and You shall be cleansed from all your impurity, and from all your idolatry will I cleanse you.” Have mercy upon us, and destroy us not: as it is written, “ For the Lord Your God is a merciful God ; he will not forsake You, nor destroy You, and he will not forget the covenant with Your ancestors which he swore unto them.” 0 circumcise our hearts to love and revere Your name : as it is written, “The Lord Your God will circumcise your heart, and the hearts of Your seed, to love the Lord Your God with All Your heart, and with all your soul, in order that You may live.” 0 be You found by us, when we seek You; as it is written, “ But You will seek the Lord Your God
from there, and will find him, if You seek him with all Your heart, and with all your soul.” Lead us unto Your holy mountain, and cause us to rejoice in Your house of prayer: as it is written, “ And I will bring them unto Your holy mountain, and I will make them rejoice in my house of prayer: their burnt-offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted on my altar; for my house shall be called the house of prayer for all nations.”

Hear our voice, 0 Eternal, our God! spare and compassionate us, and accept our prayers with favor and mercy. “Turn us, 0 Eternal towards You, and we shall return; renew our days as of old.”

“Give ear unto our words, 0 Eternal! consider our meditations. May the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart, be acceptable in Your presence, 0 Lord, our Rock, and our Redeemer! 0 cast us not out from Your presence, nor take Your holy spirit from us. 0 cast us not off in old age: forsake us not when our strength fails. Forsake us not, 0 Eternal, our God! and be not far from us. Grant us a token for good, that our enemies may see it, and be ashamed; because You, 0 Lord, have aided and comforted us. For unto You alone, 0 Eternal, we attend: answer us, 0 Lord, our God”

May it be Your pleasure, O Lord our God, and the God of our fathers, that this coming year may be for us, and for Your people, the house of Israel, the end and close of the captivity of Your people, the house of Israel, and the last year of our exile, and of our mourning, and a happy end to the day of our affliction and misery; for our servitude has been protracted, and the yoke of captivity has lain upon us a long time; and lo, we are every day becoming more and more reduced, and every year we are diminishing in number, and in the lapse of time, we are dwindling away. Nor have we a guide or support, even as You did say, “ For who shall have pity upon You, 0 Jerusalem? or who shall bemoan You or who shall go aside to ask how You do or who shall make you a hedge, or stand in the gap nor is there a prophet or a seer, and there is none that calleth upon Your name, that stirreth up himself to take hold of You; for we have all strayed like sheep; we have turned every one to his evil way, every man after his covetousness and the imagination of his wicked heart; and as if our former sins did not suffice, we must add new ones to them, heedless of all Your warnings, and unreformed by all Your rebukes; what right, therefore, have we yet to cry any more to the King’?”

You, 0 Lord, did intend to purge away our dross, to sever our alloy, to break our lustful hearts, and to remove our impurity from us; therefore You have sent us into exile and scattered us among the nations. Behold we have been subjected to foreign dominion, and like silver is melted in the midst of the furnace, so we are melted, and it was not from want of power that You have not saved us, nor from indifference that You have not heard our prayer, but our iniquities have separated between ourselves and Your salvation; however You are just in all that is brought upon us; for You have done right, but we have done wickedly. O Lord, righteousness belongs unto You, but unto us confusion of faces; and to the Lord our God belong mercies and forgiveness, though we have rebelled against him; also unto You, 0 Lord, belongs loving-kindness; for You renderest to every man according to his work. 0 then, O Lord our God, the redeemer of Israel, and his Holy One will You be angry with us for ever will You draw out Your anger unto all generations? far be it from You! Would You, then, cast us off forever,
and be favorable no more? Far be it from You! For Your tender mercy is not clean gone forever, and Your compassions fail not, for they are new every morning, they prevail at all times, and every moment. Do You with us for Your name’s sake, for that is Your praise. For by Your name we are called, 0 Lord God of Israel. Do it for the sake of the covenant which You did make with our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for it shall not be forgotten out of the mouths of their seed; and my words, which I have put in their mouths, shall not depart from them;—do it for the sake of Your people and Your inheritance, who are left but a few of many, as a beacon upon the top of a mountain, and as an ensign on a hill;—do it for the sake of Jerusalem, Your holy city, which has become a desolate wilderness, and from which all beauty is departed, and for the sake of our holy and beautiful house, which is burnt up with fire. Behold the power is gone, and there is none shut up, or left; and lo! all the nations are in safety and at rest, but Your poor people are faint, and swept away, and tossed about, and they seek Your countenance, and present their supplications before the ark of Your covenant. O Lord God of Hosts, how long will You not have mercy on the cities of Judah and Jerusalem, against which You have had indignation these many years? Behold now, Your people Israel is very miserable; we turn to the right, and there is none to help—to the left, and there is none to uphold. Therefore the time has come for You to save us. 0 our God, we are ashamed of our deeds and blush because of our iniquities: for our faces are black because of our sins, and we are bowed down because of our guilt, and we have no mouth to reply, nor front to lift up our heads, and we have none to rest on but You our Father who is in heaven.

Our God, may our prayers come before You, and withdraw not Yourself from our supplications; for we are not so shameless or so hardened as to declare in Your presence, 0 Eternal, our God! and the God of our fathers, that we are righteous, and have not sinned: verily (we confess) we and our fathers have sinned.

We have trespassed, we have dealt treacherously, we have stolen, we have spoken slander, we have committed iniquity, and have done wickedly, we have acted presumptuously, we have committed violence, we have framed falsehood, we have counseled evil, we have uttered lies, we have scorned, we have rebelled, we have blasphemed, we have revolted, we have acted perversely, we have transgressed, we have oppressed, we have been stiffnecked, we have acted wickedly, we have corrupted, we have done abominably, we have gone astray and have caused others to err; we have turned aside from Your excellent precepts and institutions, and which has not profited us: but You are just concerning all that is come upon us; for You have dealt most truly, but we have done wickedly.

We have forgotten Your benefits, and been mindless of Your great mercies; we have rebelled against Your commandment, and departed from Your judgments; we have indulged in the vanities of this world, and turned to the proud and lying boasters; we have committed many follies, loved evil more than good, and lying rather than speaking righteousness; we have preferred the impure to the pure, abomination to the clean; we have exchanged the everlasting for the transitory; day by day we rose and sinned until our iniquities have gone over our heads and have become more than our hairs, and more numerous than the words of our mouth, and greater than the steps of our feet, and more frequent than our breathings. We have sunk in deep mire, where there is no standing; we have come into deep waters, where the floods overflow us. Yet not with You, O Lord our God, have we dealt ill, but with our souls ; and not You have we vexed, but ourselves ; for when man sins, what effect has it on You If his trespasses are numerous, what does he do unto You But woe unto the sons of man who sin against You, and woe to their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves. Our God, we are too ashamed and confounded to lift up our faces to You, our God; for as a vile vessel, so are we condemned in our own eyes ; as a man who is plunged in a ditch and soiled his garments; and as we were shapen in iniquity, so the shame of our faces covers us. We are more guilty than any other people, more ashamed than any other generation. Our joy is gone from us, our hearts are faint because of our sins; the place of our desire is devastated; our ornament is dashed to pieces; our holy temple is destroyed through our iniquities; our palaces have become a desolation; our beautiful land belongs to strangers, our strength to others. Yet, still we have not returned from our error, and how shall we now be so presumptuous and so insolent as to say before You, O Lord, our God, and God of our ancestors, that we are righteous and have not sinned: verily we confess we and our fathers have sinned.

Say “ We have trespassed,” till “ We have done wickedly,”

And now, 0 Lord our God, after that we were turned, we repented; and after that we were instructed, we smote upon our thigh. We are ashamed, even confounded, and we bear the reproach of our youth; for this we take our flesh in our teeth and put our life in our hands. Wherewith shall we come before the Lord our God, and wherewith shall we bow ourselves before the high God? Wherewith shall You be reconciled that You mayest pardon all our sins, that they may pass away like water spilt on the ground, that cannot be gathered up again? If You are to be reconciled by repentance and confession, behold, here we repent and confess before You, O Lord our God; we have sinned, and transgressed, and perverted the straight, and everything has been indifferent to us. And if by prayer and supplication You forgivest, behold here we present our supplication before You; as the eyes of servants look unto the hand of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress, so our eyes are raised to You. And if by weeping and wailing You pardon, behold our soul weepes in secret because of our sins, and our spirit sigheth within over the multitude of our trespasses. And if by a broken spirit You pardon, behold our heart is broken within us, and our spirit is crushed by the troubles and the travails which have passed over us, until there is no soundness left in our flesh; aye, were it not for Your mercy, we had perished in our iniquities.

Before our eyes has our substance been plundered, torn, and stripped from us; they put their yoke upon us, and we had to bear it on our shoulders; slaves ruled over us, and no one delivered us from their hands; many troubles compass us about, we called upon You, 0 Lord, our God, but You were far from us because of our iniquities: we turned from You, went astray and perished. Yet, still we have not returned from our error, and how shall we now be so presumptuous and so insolent, as to say before You, O Lord, our God, and God of our ancestors, that we are righteous, and have not sinned: verily we confess we and our fathers have sinned.

Say “ We have trespassed” till “ we have done wickedly

0 Lord our God, the great, the mighty, and the terrible God, who keepest the covenant and mercy, let not all the troubles and the travails that have befallen Your servants from the day they have been on this earth until this day, seem little before You. Look on our labor, and not on our deeds; regard, we beseech You, our affliction, and not our iniquities; turn to our humiliation, and not to our obduracy, and let our distresses atone for our guilt, and our disgrace for our iniquities. And now, 0 Lord, if we have acted according to our foolishness, deal You with us according to Your indulgent way, and pardon, for You are perfect in knowledge. If we have rewarded evil for good,
reward You good for evil, for the righteous is more excellent than his neighbor, how much more so the Creator! And if we have committed many misdeeds, You are plenteous in mercy and pardonest abundantly, You whose righteousness is more exalted than the mighty mountains, and deeper than the vast abyss; whose majesty covereth the heavens, and whose praise filleth the earth. 0 Lord, we have heard Your speech, how that by each of Your thirteen attributes, You pardon those who have sinned against You; how much more so by all of them together: pardon, then, we beseech You, our iniquities and our sins, and all the sins and iniquities of Your people Israel; wash us from our iniquities, cleanse us from our sins, and bo not wroth with us very sore, neither remember iniquity forever, for what profit is there in our blood, if You destroy us, and what good is it if You bring us down into the pit of destruction for our sins; and what advantage is there if You punish us according to our ways? Not therein is Your praise, and not therein Your glory; but what increases Your fame and Your glory is to deal towards Your children with mercy, and to extend Your grace unto them, even as You have said, “ For my name’s sake will I defer mine anger, and for my praise will I refrain from You, that I cut You not off.” Another attribute which is an honor to Your name, is, that You pardon and pass by transgression, even as it is said, of Your creatures, “ the discretion of a man defers his anger, and it is his glory to pass over a transgression.” Do You with us even above this!

0 we beseech You, look on the honorable fortitude of Your pious servants, who poured out their souls unto death for You and did not spare either themselves or their children, but despised the life here below, and subordinated their will to Yours, and sanctified Your great name, and did not profane it, and were ready for the sacrifice, yea, even stretched out their neck, and thus underwent the trial, and proved true, and were put to the
test, and found perfect. Ah, then was mingled the blood of fathers and their sons, of tender mothers, and their offspring, of brothers and sisters, of bridegrooms and brides, of wise men and women, of princes and princesses, of pious men and women, of the aged of both sexes, of young men and virgins, of wardens and precentors, of judges and their scribes, of teachers and their disciples, of husbands and wives; they were all slain together for the sanctification of Your holy name and unity. 0 earth, cover not their blood, let not their wailings die away in the air, until the Lord shall look down from heaven, and see, and avenge his own cause, and that of his people, and of his holy law, and the blood of his servants which was poured forth like water, even as You did promise us through the father of all the prophets, ” Rejoice, all You nations with his people; for he will avenge the blood of his servants, and will render vengeance to his adversaries, and will be merciful unto his land and unto his people.” Remember all these sacrifices, look on all these immolations, and let it repent You, and forget Your wrath, and appease Your anger, and cause destruction to cease from among Your people. Spare and have mercy on the remnant that is escaped, and lead them from darkness to light, and grant us a happy year, an acceptable year, and a time for redemption. Almighty, remember in our favor the covenant with Abraham, and let us enjoy the merit of Isaac, and compassionate us out of regard for the piety of Jacob.

“When Israel sinned in the wilderness, Moses our teacher stood before You with prayer and implored mercy for Your people, the house of Israel; and thus he said in his prayer, “ My King, and my God, pardon, I beseech You, the iniquity of this people, according to the greatness of Your mercy, and as You have forgiven this people from Egypt even until now!” The meek man entreated Your favor for Your congregation, saying, “ I beseech You, guide in Your pity those whom You redeem with Your strong hand from the Egyptians, and to whom You gave Your law as an inheritance, and a name, and a place; for they are still Your people and Your inheritance, therefore cover them with Your pity. Remember unto us Your covenant with our fathers, and their fervent love, which no waters can quench. You did lay them on Your shoulders, and bear them on eagle’s wings; 0 direct their steps that they may walk upright, and that You mayest again rejoice over them for good. If the Egyptians should hear that You have caused Your people to perish, they would say, for mischief did he bring them out of Egypt to consume them. Forgive then, the iniquity of this people; and pardon this day the wickedness of their transgressions. Turn, we beseech You, to the righteousness of our fathers; and forget it not; gracious One, You did once call them children, and Yourself their father; O compassionate them like a father. Almighty, do it for Your name’s sake ; and forgive and pardon the trespasses of Your people. “ 0, I beseech You, pardon the iniquity of this people, and if not, blot me out of Your book.’’ And You did answer him according to Your kindness, assuring him, and saying, “ I have pardoned according to Your word.” Forgive then, we beseech You, Your afflicted people and reduced flock, for You are perfect in knowledge ; if we have multiplied our transgressions, You pardon abundantly ; hear, 0 Lord! pardon, 0 Lord ! attend, 0 Lord ! and grant our request, and delay not!

Your righteous anointed declared in Your presence, “ Who can guard against errors? O cleanse me from secret faults.’’ Cleanse us, 0 Lord, our God, from all our transgressions, and purify us from all our impurities. 0 sprinkle purifying water upon us, and cleanse us, as it is written by the hand of Your prophet, “And will sprinkle upon you clean water, and You shall be cleansed from all your defilements, and from all your idolatry will I cleanse you.”

Your servant Micah declared in Your presence, “ Who is omnipotent like unto You, pardoning iniquity, and forgiving transgression to the residue of His heritage. He retains not his anger forever, because He delights in mercy, He will again have compassion on us; He will suppress our iniquities, yea, You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.” You will cast them into a place where they shall not be remembered, nor visited, nor thought of forever. You will show faithfulness to Jacob and mercy unto Abraham, which You have sworn unto our ancestors in the days of old.

Daniel, the worthy man. supplicated You thus, “ 0 God, incline your ear, and hear, open your eyes and behold our discomposure, and the city which is called by Your name; for we do not presume to present our supplications before You on account of our righteousness but in reliance on Your abundant mercy. 0 Lord: hear 0 Lord! pardon: 0 Lord! be graciously attentive and grant our requests; delay not for Your own sake, O my God! for Your city and Your people are called by Your name.

Ezra, the scribe, addressed You thus, “ 0 my God! I am ashamed and confounded, to lift up my face unto You, my God; for our iniquities are increased above our head, and our trespasses are grown up unto heaven.’’

“ But You who are a God ready to forgive, most gracious and merciful, long-suffering, and of abundant kindness ; therefore, You did not forsake them.” Forsake us not, 0 our Father! Cast us not off, 0 our King! Abandon us not, 0 our Creator! nor make an end of us, as our sins deserve: but confirm unto us the word which You have assured us of in the doctrine delivered by the hands of Your prophet Jeremiah, as it is said, “In those days, and at that time, said the Lord, shall the iniquity of Israel be sought for, but there shall be none; and the sins of Judah, but they shall not bo found; for I will pardon those whom I will leave remaining.” Your people and Your heritage are languishing for Your goodness, panting for Your grace, and longing for Your help; O let them know and understand that to the Eternal, our God, appertains mercy and pardon. Most Merciful God is Your name! Most Gracious God is Your name! we also are called by Your name. O Lord, grant our request for Your name’s sake. Grant it for the sake of Your truth. Grant it for the sake of Your covenant. Grant it for the sake of Your greatness and excellency. Grant it for the sake of Your law, for the sake of Your glory, for the sake of Your promise, for the sake of Your memorial, for the sake of Your benignity. Grant it for the sake of Your goodness, for the sake of Your honor, for the sake of Your doctrine. Grant it for the sake of Your kingdom. Grant it for the sake of Your eternal existence, for the sake of Your decree. Grant it for the sake of Your mighty power. Grant it for the sake of Your excellency, for the sake of Your righteousness. Grant it for the sake of Your holiness. Grant it for the sake of Your abundant mercy, for the sake of Your divine presence. Grant it for the sake of Your praise. Grant it for the sake of those whom You favored, who now rest in the earth. Grant it for the sake of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; for the sake of Moses and Aaron. Grant it for the sake of David and Solomon. Grant it for the sake of Jerusalem, Your holy city; for the sake of Zion, the residence of Your glory. Grant it in compassion of the desolation of Your temple. Grant it in compassion of the destruction of Your altar; for the sake of the young children at school. Grant it for the sake of the blood of Your servants which has been shed. Grant it for the sake of those who as martyrs were slain for Your holy name; for the sake of those who were slaughtered for maintaining Your unity; for the sake of those who went through fire and water, for the sanctification of Your name. Grant it for the sake of sucklings at the breast, who have not sinned. Grant it for the sake of weaned infants who have not sinned. Grant it for the sake of young children under tuition who have not sinned; grant it for Your own sake, if not for ours; O grant it for Your sake, and save us.

Answer us, O Lord, answer us! Answer us, our God, 0 answer us! Answer us, our Father, O answer us! Answer us, our Creator, O answer us! Answer us, our Redeemer, O answer us! Answer us, 0 You who will seek us, O answer us! Answer us, You most faithful God, O answer us! Answer us, You Who are mild and benevolent, O answer us! Answer us, You who are pure and upright, 0 answer us! Answer us, You living and ever-existing God, O answer us! Answer us, You who are good and beneficent, O answer us! Answer us, You who knows the inclination of man, O answer us! Answer us, You who suppresses anger; 0 answer us! Answer us, You who are invested with righteousness ; 0 answer us! Answer us, Supreme King of kings; O answer us! Answer us, You who are tremendous and exalted; O answer us! Answer us, You who pardons and forgives; O answer us! Answer us, You who answeres in an acceptable time; O answer us! Answer us, our Redeemer and Deliverer; O answer us! Answer us You who are just and upright; 0 answer us; Answer us, You who are near those who worship You; O answer us! Answer us, You who are most merciful and most gracious; O answer us! Answer us, You who hearkenest to the needy; O answer us! Answer us, You who are the support of the innocent; O answer us! Answer us, God of our fathers; O answer us! Answer us, God of Abraham; O answer us! Answer us 0 You , the reverence of Isaac; 0 answer us! Answer us, mighty God of Jacob ; 0 answer us ! Answer us, You the refuge of our ancient matrons; 0 answer us! Answer us, help of the tribes (of Israel) ; 0 answer us! Answer us, You who are with difficulty provoked; 0 answer us ! Answer us, You who are easily reconciled; 0 answer us! Answer us, 0 You who answers in time of distress; 0 answer us! Answer us, Father of orphans; 0 answer us! Answer us, Judge of widows; 0 answer us! May he who answered our father Abraham on Mount Moriah, answer us. May he who answered his son Isaac when bound on the altar, answer us. May he who answered Jacob in Bethel, answer us. May he who answered Joseph in the dungeon, answer us. May he who answered our ancestors at the Red Sea, answer us. May he who answered Moses on Mount Horeb, answer us. May he who answered Aaron with the censer, answer us. May he who answered Phineas, when he arose from amongst the congregation, answer us. May he who answered Joshua in Gilgal, answer us. May he who answered Surauel in Mizpah, answer us May he who answered David, and Solomon his son, in Jerusalem, answer us. May he who answered Elijah on Mount Carmel, answer us. May he who answered Elisha in Jericho, answer us. May he who answered Jonah in the entrails of the fish, answer us. May he who answered Hezekiah in his sickness, answer us. May he who answered Hananiah, Mishael, and Hazariah, in the midst of the fiery furnace, answer us. May he who answered Daniel in the lions’ den, answer us. May he who answered Mordecai and Esther in Shushan the capital, answer us. May he who answered Ezra in captivity, answer us. May he who answered the virtuous, pious, perfect, and upright, answer us.

And David said unto Gad, I am in an exceeding strait, yet let me fall into the hand of the Lord, for abundant is his mercy; but let me not fall into the hand of man. Most merciful and gracious God! I have sinned before You, 0 Eternal! who is full of compassion, have mercy upon me, and receive my supplications.

0 Eternal, rebuke me not in Your anger, chastise me not in Your wrath. Be gracious unto me, 0 Eternal, for I languish; heal me, 0 Eternal, for my bones tremble: my soul too trembleth exceedingly. And You Eternal God! for how long shall this be? Return, 0 Eternal! relieve my soul; save me for the sake of Your mercy, for in death there is no remembrance of You, in the grave who shall give thanks unto You? I am weary with my sighing; every night I inundate my bed, with my tears I bedew my couch. Mine eye faileth through grief; it has grown old because of all mine adversaries. Depart from me, all you workers of iniquity, for the Eternal has heard the voice of my weeping. The Eternal has heard my supplication; the Eternal will accept my prayer. All my enemies will be ashamed and confounded: they will turn back, suddenly put to shame. He wounds and heales slays and revives, He brings forth from the grave to everlasting life. When a child sins, his father chastises it, but the father’s tenderness speedily soothes the pain. When a slave is refractory, he is put in fetters; but a compassionate master soon breaks them. We are Your firstborn and have sinned against You, for that we had to drain the bitter cup of suffering. We are Your servants, and have been refractory, for that we have been given up now to pillage, now to captivity, and now to the scourge. We entreat You, therefore, heal in Your abundant mercy our heavy grief; lest we perish wholly in exile. ‘Accept, 0 Lord, our prayer, be pleased with our supplication, as You were formerly with the sweet savor of the perpetual morning offering. When we stand here, to extol Your name, account it to us as if we had succeeded in removing the ashes from the altar. Be pleased with the worship in our synagogues, as with the service of the pure offering in the everlasting temple. Attend to our shema reading, and the order of our prayers, as to the ordained removal of the members, and of the fat which had been reduced to ashes. Account the spreading of our hands towards heaven as the pouring out of the ashes upon an eminent pile. The turning of our laces towards the east account as the service of those who in laying the wood in order for the altar turned their faces eastwards. 0 The close joining of our feet for prayer, account as the service of the pious priest when lie set the cakes in two rows; and let the steps of those who approach You in worship, be as acceptable as the steps of the priests who met in the court of the temple to draw lots. Let our preparation for Your worship while the stars are still twinkling, at the dawn of day, be accounted to us as the proclaiming of the morning light, 0 that it may spread as far as Hebron. The presiding priest ordered a carefully selected lamb to be brought out of the chamber of the lambs, to present to it the draught out of the golden cup, after its being examined a second time by torchlight. The priest to whom the duty of offering the daily sacrifice was allotted, and whom his colleagues were now allowed to assist, took the lamb to the slaughterhouse; but he delayed the killing until the large gate was opened. There was a small locked door, which he had to open with a key, and through which he then put his elbow, in order to open with another key from within, and only then he reached the large gate. “When the door turned on its hinges, the creaking was heard in the plain of Jericho. The officiating priests next set about binding the victim’s feet, in the manner Isaac was bound on Moriah, and proceeded to the slaughtering, which was always performed in the face of the sun; then they sprinkled the blood twice, splashing it in all four directions. The rest of the blood was poured out south of the altar; then the skin was taken off, and so the sacrifice was left to be consumed by the fire, to be dedicated to the supreme God. (The operation of dissection, the description of which would be too prolix, must be passed over from fear of molesting the congregation.) Nine priests performed the holy service, assisted by those who were admitted to offer up the oblations of the pan, the fine flour, and the libations. Then the pieces were strewn with salt on the western side of the altar; and this being done the shema was read in the stone hall at a signal of the superior, a simple prayer was recited. and then the decalogue. (An additional prayer was inserted on Sabbath.) This was succeeded by the acknowledgment of the divine truth, the prayer for the gracious acceptance of the sacrificial service and finally, the sacerdotal benediction was pronounced over the people. New priests were selected to draw for the offering up of the incense, to which each was admitted but once, as it enriched him. To the fourth drawing all were admitted; by it was determined who was to carry the sacrificial pieces to the square altar; then a strong-toned instrument called Agrippa, was sounded, the echo of which was heard in the city of palms. At the sound of this instrument Levites and priests hastened to prepare themselves for song and worship. The priest who had to remove the ashes from the interior altar, hurried up the steps of the porch, took the ash-basket, and withdrew. Another priest cleaned the candlestick, relighted the extinguished lamps, and speedily retired. A third priest spread the burning coals with the back of the censer, bowed, and withdrew. Lastly, a fourth priest was bidden, to throw the incense at some distance from himself, into the censer. The people hail to withdraw quickly during the burning of the incense, the secresy with which it was done is intended to atone for secret slander. Then the priests prostrated themselves as many times on the ground as there were formerly cracks in the temple wall. These valiant men, uttering the holy name of God, pronounced the benediction over the people, raising their hands to their heads. If it happened that the high-priest took a share in the sacrificial service, an assistant priest ascended the stairs on his right; others approached, presenting the pieces of the sacrifice, in order to throw them into the fire as soon as the high-priest had put his hands on them. He then poured the libation into a channel, whereupon the assistant priest waved a cloth as a signal to the people that the offering of the libation was going forward. At this signal, Ben Arsu struck notes, which he alone was capable of producing on the cymbal with his middle finger. The Levites chimed in with their hymns of praise, sounding a flourish of trumpets at the conclusion of every strophe, and prostrating themselves on the ground. This was the order observed during the daily performance of the morning service, which God grant may soon be restored in our temple. May our present prayer replace the morning offering, and ever serve as an atonement for Jeshurun. The order of service was the same for the evening offering, as for the meat-flour-and, drink-offering in the morning. Eleven priests were occupied with it, among them were two who held two piles of wood in their hands. And with this the object of the offerings was attained, this being to suppress and wash away all sins, and to produce among the favorite people a childlike innocence. The sacrifices were powerful advocates, and promoters of virtue in the city of our God, which He may soon re-establish. 0 be not silent, You heavenly guardians! Remind Him of his promise, to arise and have mercy upon Zion, so that He may restore the once so mighty Jerusalem, and make it again world-famous; and grant the exalted angel the privilege unceasingly to implore the divine favor for His people. Let the prayers of the people adorn You as crowns, and serve as offerings offered on the heavenly altar. And You, angel of terror! whose place is behind the veil, be favorably disposed towards us to plead for us. Assert the merit of our fathers, as You once did that of the excellent Daniel, thereby regaining Your former rank. Study the merits of Israel to present them to the Lord our God! May He be gracious unto us, and may his compassion be moved on our behalf, as He is always accustomed to have mercy on us!

Angels of mercy, procure mercy for us at the hands of the All mercifull Angels of prayer, cause our prayers to be heard before him who hears prayer. Angels of loud lamentation, cause our lamentation to be heard before him who heareth lamentation. Angels of tears, cause our tears to be noticed by the King, who is propitiated by tears. Intercede for us, and multiply prayer and supplication before the King, the most high God. Cause him to remember, and let him hear of the fidelity to the law, and of the good deeds of those, who repose in the dust. May he remember their love; and preserve their posterity, lest the remnant of Jacob should perish; for the flock of the faithful shepherd have become a reproach; Israel the only people a proverb and a byeword. Hasten, 0 Lord, and answer us, and redeem us from all severe decrees, and save by Your abundant mercy Your righteous anointed and Your people.

Lord in heaven! unto You we address our supplication, like a captive, who supplicates his master. All captives are ransomed with money, but Your people, the house of Israel, only by prayer and by supplication. 0, grant our petition and our desire and let us not return from You empty-handed.

Lord in heaven! we entreat You, as a slave entreats his master. We are oppressed and dwell in darkness, our souls are afflicted with so much distress. We lack the power to propitiate You; 0 Lord ! do it for the covenant’s sake, which You did enter into with our forefathers.

0 Guardian of Israel, preserve the remnant of Israel, and suffer not Israel to perish, who say,—“ Hear, 0 Israel.”

Guardian of an only nation, preserve the remnant of an only people, and suffer not that only nation to perish, which thus acknowledges the unity of Your name, “ The Eternal our God, the Eternal is One.”

Guardian of a holy nation, preserve the remnant of your holy people and suffer not that holy nation to perish, which rehearseth thrice the threefold sanctifications to the Most Holy.

0 You, who are appeased by Your compassion, and are reconciled by supplication, be You appeased and reconciled to an afflicted generation that has no other help.

Our Father, our King! be gracious unto us, and answer us; although we are destitute of good works, yet deal charitably and mercifully with us, and save us.

We know not what to do; but we fix our eyes on You. Remember, 0 Eternal! Your compassion and beneficence, for they are from everlasting. Let Your mercy be upon us, 0 Eternal! according to our hope in You. Remember not against us former iniquities, but hasten to let Your mercies meet us, for we are brought very low. Be gracious unto us, 0 Eternal! be gracious unto us, for we are greatly overwhelmed with contempt. Even in wrath remember to have compassion; for You are he who knoweth our formation, who remembereth that we are but dust. Help us, then, 0 God of our salvation! for the glory of Your name, and deliver us, and grant the expiation of our sins for the sake of Your name. Amen

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