Alef Bet

The Hebrew letters are channels of Light, they are the building blocks of Creation. Everything in the universe is animated using Hebrew letters. YHVH is the animating force of everything in the Universe. Torah and God are One, Trough Divine Speech, Creation sealed in Truth.


Alef, First of all letters and numbers, beginning of counting, everything starts with One 1. Only through א, is the Holy One, One. Union is actualized by א, One worth a thousand, One worth them All, YHVH upper YUD, Torah VUV, Human lower Yud. א = Alef = 1 = Yud VuV Yud = 1000


Bet, the first letter of the Torah, and the number Two 2, for Written Torah and  Oral Torah. The letter ב‬ was chosen first from twenty-two to Begin Creation, Bereshit “In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.” Two in One, Male and Female as One Home, in Wisdom and Understanding.