I am who I am

I make God’s will my will, his focus my focus…

With the proper intent and aspiration, you obtain the spirit to achieve anything. I desire the spirit of Messiah, to do all of your Mitzvot.

  • I Fear God with all my Heart Soul Mind and Might!
  • I Love God with all my Heart Soul Mind and Might!
  • I know God. Internalizing him with Torah, Torah and God are One. I learn Torah and teach it! I emulate all of God’s ways, keeping all his Mitzvot. I wipe out all doubts about God. I trust and have absolute confidence in I AM WHO I AM.
  • I sanctify and unify God’s Name every day.
    • I say the Shema twice daily. I offer prayer in place of the two lambs every day. I serve the Almighty with daily prayer.
    • I know that God is One. He is One with all physical and spiritual existence, and beyond anything existent. I and God are One, there is none else besides Him. He is the only existent Being. I put God first above everything. He is the animating force of everything, there can be no other.
    • I do not follow after my eyes or my heart whims that lead me astray. I control my desires. Nothing for myself all for I AM WHO I AM. I do not follow any evil inclination.
    • I bless the Almighty after eating, eating bread at every meal in order to say Birkat hamazon.
  • I wear Tefillin on my head. I bind tefillin on my arm.
  • I have Tzitzit on four-cornered garments all the time.
  • I rest on the seventh day, keeping it Holy. I do not do any of the 39 forms of prohibited labor on the Shabbat. I sanctify the day with Kiddush and Havdalah.
  • I respect my father and mother. I fear my father and mother. I am not a rebellious son. I do not curse my father or mother. I do not strike my father or mother. I am grateful to all who have given to me.
  • I do not steal. I do not to rob. I do not to kidnap. I do not murder.
  • I give charity. I do not withhold charity from the poor.
  • I repent and confess wrongdoings.
  • I only eat Kosher.
  • I wash my hands first thing in the morning as soon as I arise. (without walking.)
  • I take a shower before morning prayer.
  • I immerse in Mikvah daily. I purify the Klipah, turning darkness into Light, impurity into purity.
  • I keep God’s Name Holy, never to profane His Name. + I do not curse. I do not to swear falsely in God’s Name. Not to take God’s Name in vain.
  • I listen to Torah and the prophets speaking in His Name.
  • I honor those who teach and know Torah.
  • I cleave to those who know God. I surround myself with those who know Him. I control my environment.
  • I Love those who Love God. I Love all God’s servants, the Jews.
  • I Love converts!
  • I do not embarrass others.
  • I do not test God’s servants unduly or embarrass them in any way.
  • I do not hate God’s servants. I do not hate a Jew.
  • I constructively rebuke wrongdoers privately.
  • I do not insult or harm anybody with words.
  • I do not insult or harm a sincere convert with words.
  • I do not oppress anyone, especially the weak.
  • I do not gossip about others. I never speak bad about anyone!
  • I do not take revenge. God is perfectly Just. Vengeance is God’s alone.
  • I do not bear a grudge.
  • I do not learn about idolatry, or learn from anyone associated with idols.
  • I do not blaspheme swear or curse. I do not curse any upstanding Jew.
  • I do not testify falsely.


  • I give charity. I do not withhold charity from the poor.
  • I do not offer charity with improper intentions.
  • I separate the tithe for the poor.
  • I set aside Ma’aser (tithe) each planting year and give it to a Levite.
  • I bring additional charity offerings on Passover.
  • I bring additional offerings of charity on Sukkot.
  • I bring additional offerings of charity on Shmini Atzeret.
  • I bring additional offerings on Shavuot.
  • I bring additional offerings of charity on Rosh Hashanah.
  • I bring additional offerings of charity on Yom Kippur.
  • I celebrate on these three Festivals by bringing an offering of charity.
  • I give a half-shekel annually.
  • I rejoice on these three Festivals.
  • I give a sin offering of charity for my transgression, including when I am uncertain of my guilt.
  • I do not refrain from rejoicing, and giving gifts of charity. (levitates)
  • I set aside a tithe to support Torah (Kohen).
  • I leave a corner of the field uncut for the poor. I do not to reap that corner.
  • I leave gleanings for the poor.
  • I do not gather the gleanings.
  • I leave the gleanings of a vineyard.
  • I do not gather the gleanings of a vineyard.
  • I do not to improperly preface one tithe to the next, but separate them in their proper order.
  • I set aside the Second Tithe, which is to be eaten in Jerusalem.
  • I leave the unformed clusters of grapes for the poor.
  • I do not pick the unformed clusters of grapes.
  • I leave the forgotten sheaves in the field for the poor, and do not retrieve them.
  • I do not go into a trance to foresee events.
  • I do not engage in astrology.
  • I do not say incantations.
  • I do not attempt to engage the dead in conversation. I do not consult the Ov and Yidoni (spirit of the dead).
  • I do not perform acts of magic.
  • I only eat Kosher.
  • I wash my hands first thing in the morning as soon as I arise. (without walking.)
  • I take a shower before morning prayer.
  • I immerse in Mikvah daily. I purify the Klipah, turning darkness into Light, impurity into purity.
  • I do not let my hair grow long. (men)
  • I do not shave the hair off the sides of my head.
  • I do not shave my beard with a razor.
  • I shave off all my hair for purification.
  • I discard anything that is impure.
  • I immerse all my clothes in Mikvah regularly.
  • I do not wear torn clothes.
  • I do not imitate them in customs and clothing.
  • I do not wear wool and linen.
  • Men must not wear women’s clothing.
  • Women must not wear men’s clothing.
  • I do not tattoo my skin.
  • I do not tear my skin in mourning.
  • I do not make a bald spot in mourning.
  • I circumcise all males on the eighth day after their birth.
  • I build a Sanctuary, a Holy Temple, within me.
  • I do not get my Temple intoxicated.
  • I show reverence for the Temple. I keep my body and mind healthy.
  • I guard the Temple area. I guard my environment and body.
  • I keep the Temple guarded. I control my environment by guarding my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
  • I smell incense every day and make sure my environment smells good. (hyssop) I do not reproduce the incense formula for personal use.
  • I put a Mezuzah on each doorpost.
  • I will write a Sefer Torah.
  • I have a separate Sefer Torah for myself. (for a King.)
  • I do not have relations with women that are not my wife.
  • I will marry a Jewish wife by the means prescribed in the Torah.
  • I do not withhold food, clothing, and sexual relations from my wife.
  • I have children with my wife.
  • I only have relations with my Jewish wife and do not spill seed. I am only with her after Mikvah and she is pure. I do not touch other people, in order to stay pure.
  • I observe the laws of menstrual impurity.
  • I observe the laws of impurity caused by childbirth.
  • I observe the laws of impurity of seminal emissions.
  • I observe the laws of impurity caused by a woman’s running issue.
  • I observe the laws of impurity caused by a man’s running issue, irregular ejaculation of infected semen.
  • I issue a divorce by means of a Get document.
  • I will not remarry my wife after she has married someone else.
  • I will do Yibum if necessary.
  • I do Chalitzah if necessary.
  • I do not deny others their possessions, entrusted to me.
  • I do not to swear falsely in denial of a monetary claim.
  • I swear in God’s Name to confirm the truth when deemed necessary by court.
  • I do not make vows unless absolutely necessary. I fulfill what I utter and do what I avowed. I keep my vows. Not to break oaths or vows.
  • For oaths and vows annulled, there are the laws of annulling vows explicit in the Torah.
  • I do not add to the Torah commandments or their oral explanations. I do not diminish from the Torah any commandments, in whole or in part.
  • I do not destroy anything associated with God and his Name.
  • I rest on Rosh Hashanah. I do not do prohibited labor on Rosh Hashanah.
  • I hear the Shofar on the first day of Tishrei, Rosh Hashanah.
  • I blow the Shofar on the tenth of Tishrei (Yom Kippur of the Jubilee year) to free the slaves.
  • I rest from prohibited labor on Yom Kippur. I do not do prohibited labor on Yom Kippur.
  • I afflict myself on Yom Kippur. I do not eat or drink on Yom Kippur.
  • I do not to eat bread from new grain before the Omer.
  • I do not to eat parched grains from new grain before the Omer.
  • I do not to eat ripened grains from new grain before the Omer.
  • I count the Omer, elevating spiritually every year — seven weeks from the day the new wheat offering was brought.
  • I do not walk more than 2000 cubits outside the city boundary on Shabbat. I make bread for the Sabbath or buy.
  • I rest on the first day of Passover. I do not do prohibited labor on the first day of Passover.
  • I eat Matzah on the first night of Passover. I relate the Exodus from Egypt on that night.
  • I do not eat Chametz all seven days of Passover. I do not eat mixtures containing Chametz all seven days of Passover.
  • Chametz is not in my domain for seven days of Passover. Chametz is not found in my domain for seven days. I am not in possession of leaven during Passover.
  • I rest on the seventh day of Passover. I do not do prohibited labor on the seventh day of Passover.
  • I do not give the Paschal meat outside the confines of the group.
  • I do not eat with an apostate. I only eat with Jews on Passover.
  • I eat the Paschal Lamb with Matzah and Maror on the night of the 15th of Nissan.
  • I eat the second Paschal Lamb on the night of the 15th of Iyar.
  • I do not eat the Paschal meat raw or boiled.
  • I do not break any bones from the Paschal offering. I do not leave any meat from the Paschal offering over until morning. I do not leave the meat of the holiday offering of the 14th until the 16th.
  • I rest on Shavuot. I do not do prohibited labor on Shavuot.
  • I rest on Sukkot. I do not do prohibited labor on Sukkot.
  • I dwell in a Sukkah for the seven days of Sukkot.
  • I take up a Lulav and Etrog all seven days of Sukkot.
  • I rest on Shemini Atzeret. I do not do prohibited labor on Shemini Atzeret.
  • I decide by the majority in case of disagreement. Only those being true are accounted, disregarding the opinion of deceivers.
  • I do not pervert justice. I Judge righteously. I do not accept bribes. I do not accept testimony unless both parties are present.
  • I do not panic and retreat during battle.
  • I examine the signs of animals to distinguish between Kosher and non-kosher.
  • I examine the signs of fowl to distinguish between kosher and non-kosher.
  • I examine the signs of fish to distinguish between kosher and non-kosher.
  • I examine the signs of locusts to distinguish between kosher and non-kosher.
  • I do not eat non-kosher animals.
  • I do not eat non-kosher fowl.
  • I do not eat non-kosher fish.
  • I do not eat non-kosher flying insects.
  • I do not eat non-kosher creatures that crawl on land.
  • I do not eat non-kosher maggots.
  • I do not eat worms found in fruit once they have left the fruit.
  • I do not eat creatures that live in water other than fish.
  • I do not eat the meat of an animal that died without ritual slaughter.
  • I do not eat any blood.
  • I do not to eat meat of an animal that was mortally wounded
  • I do not to eat a limb torn off a living creature.
  • I do not to eat certain fats of kosher animals.
  • I do not to eat the sinew of the thigh.
  • I do not to eat meat and milk cooked together.
  • I do not to cook meat and milk together.
  • I do not to eat fruit of a tree during its first three years.
  • I do not to eat diverse seeds planted in a vineyard.
  • I do not to eat untithed fruits.
  • I do not to drink wine poured in service to idols.
  • I ritually slaughter an animal before eating it, and cover the blood with earth.
  • I do not to slaughter an animal and its offspring on the same day.
  • Not to take the mother bird from her children.
  • I release the mother bird before taking the children.
  • I observe the laws of impurity concerning liquid and solid foods.
  • I am never under the same roof as a corpse.
  • I am never in contact with the dead.
  • I do not make a Nazirite vow. Because… He must shave after bringing sacrifices upon completion of his Nazirite period.
  • The Nazir must let his hair grow. He must not cut his hair.
  • He must not drink wine, wine mixtures, or wine vinegar. He must not eat fresh grapes. He must not eat raisins. He must not eat grape seeds. He must not eat grape skins.
  • I do not plant diverse seeds together.
  • I do not plant grains or greens in a vineyard.
  • I do not crossbreed animals.
  • I do not work different animals together.
  • I offer only that which is pure and holy.
  • I rest the land during the seventh year by not doing any work which enhances growth.
  • I do not to work the land during the seventh year.
  • I do not work with trees to produce fruit during that year.
  • I do not reap crops that grow wild that year in the normal manner.
  • I do not to gather grapes which grow wild that year in the normal way
  • I leave free all produce which grew in that year.
  • I am not superstitious.
  • I do not withhold payment incurred by any vow.
  • I release all loans during the seventh year.
  • I do not pressure or claim from a borrower.
  • I do not refrain from lending immediately before the release of the loans for fear of monetary loss.
  • I do not to work the soil during the fiftieth year. I do not reap in the normal manner that which grows wild in the fiftieth year.I do not pick grapes which grew wild in the normal manner in the fiftieth year.
  • I carry out the laws of sold family properties.
  • I do not to sell the land in Israel indefinitely.
  • I carry out the laws of houses in walled cities.
  • I do not reproduce the anointing oil for personal use.
  • I estimate the value of people as determined by the Torah.
  • I estimate the value of consecrated animals.
  • I estimate the value of consecrated property homes and land.
  • I carry out the laws of prohibited possessions.
  • Not to sell cherem.
  • Not to redeem the cherem.
  • I carry out the laws of impurity of the dead.
  • I mourn for relatives. I do not enter under the same roof as a corpse. I do not defile myself for anyone.
  • I do not delay burial overnight.
  • I observe the laws of impurity caused by a dead beast.I observe the laws of impurity caused by the eight shratzim (rodents, amphibious creatures, and lizards) [specified in the Torah]
  • I ensure that my scales and weights are accurate. I do not lie or mislead another.
  • I do not commit injustice with scales and weights. I do not possess inaccurate scales and weights even if they are not for use.
  • I do not move a boundary marker to steal someone’s property.
  • I do not withhold wages or fail to repay a debt.
  • I do not covet and scheme to acquire another’s possession.
  • I do not desire another’s possession.
  • I return a robbed object or its value.
  • I do not ignore a lost object.
  • I return the lost object.
  • I do not accept monetary restitution to atone for a murderer.
  • I do not kill the murderer before he stands trial.
  • I save someone being pursued even by taking the life of the pursuer. I do not pity the pursuer.
  • I do not stand idly by if someone’s life is in danger.
  • I afflict and cry out before God in times of catastrophe.
  • I do not allow pitfalls and obstacles to remain on my property.
  • I make a guard rail around flat roofs.
  • I do not put a stumbling block before a blind man, nor give harmful advice.
  • I help another remove the load from a beast which can no longer carry it.
  • I help others load their beast.
  • I do not leave others distraught with their burdens, but to help either load or unload.
  • I buy and sell according to Torah law.
  • I do not to lend with interest.
  • I do not to borrow with interest.
  • I do not overcharge or underpay for an article.
  • I pay wages on the day they were earned.
  • I lend to the poor and destitute.
  • I do not press anyone for payment if you know they don’t have it.
  • I do not work anyone oppressively.
  • I do not cheat a sincere convert monetarily.
  • I do not delay payment of wages past the agreed time.
  • I do not forcibly take collateral.
  • I return the collateral to the debtor when needed. I do not delay its return when needed.
  • I do not demand collateral from a widow.
  • I do not demand as collateral utensils needed for preparing food.
  • I do not intermediate in an interest loan, guarantee, witness, or write the promissory note.
  • I lend to and borrow from idolaters with interest. I press the idolater for payment.
  • I carry out the laws of the order of inheritance.
  • I punish the false witnesses with the same punishment they were seeking for the defendant.
  • I do not to curse judges. I do not curse the head of state or leader of the Sanhedrin. If I know evidence I testify in court.
  • I remember what Amalek did to the Jewish people. I do not forget Amalek’s atrocities and ambush on our journey from Egypt in the desert.
  • I do not dwell permanently in Egypt.
  • I do not worship idols in any manner they are worshiped.
  • I do not bow down to idols, money, or any man.
  • I will never make an idol.
  • I do not profit from any idol.
  • I will not make a human form even for decorative purposes.
  • I will never promote or support idolatry in any way.
  • I destroy and burn all idol worship that I can. I hate idol worship, do not live among idol worshipers.
  • I do not rebuild or try to understand idol worship. I am not interested in their Klipot.
  • I do not derive any benefit from idols. Everything comes from God.
  • I do not missionize anyone to idol worship.
  • I do not love the missionary.
  • I do not cease hating the missionary and the wicked.
  • I do not save or help the missionary and the wicked.
  • I do not say anything in defense of the missionary and wicked.
  • I do not refrain from incriminating the wicked missionary.
  • I do not prophesize in the name of idolatry.
  • I do not listen to a false prophet.
  • I do not prophesize falsely in the name of God.
  • I am not afraid of killing a false prophet.
  • I do not swear in the name of an idol.
  • I do not perform medium.
  • I do not perform magical seeing.
  • I do not pass my children through the fire to Molech.
  • I do not erect a column in a public place of worship.
  • I do not bow down on smooth stone, or for anything.
  • I do not plant a tree in the Temple courtyard.
  • I destroy idols and their accessories.
  • I do not derive benefit from idols and their accessories.
  • I do not derive benefit from ornaments of idols.
  • I do not make a covenant with idolaters.
  • I do not show favor to idolaters.
  • I do not let them dwell among me.
  • +What is the pleasure of fulfilling the Mitzvah? -What is the pain of not doing the Mitzvah?
  • I am in control of myself at all times.
  • I don’t pick and choose commandments I fulfill them all.
  • I go above and beyond what is required.
  • I am addicted to God.
  • I fulfill all the commandments.
  • I never spill seed. +I get to keep the Light. – If I spill I create Demons.
  • You shall not permit a sorceress to live.
  • I Live every day as if it were my Last. I do not waste a moment.
  • Every single moment I am given, I consider it a new beginning.
  • I do not waste anything, food, seed, money, time.
  • I account for everything I do every day and keep a log.

References: 613 Commandments

Alef Bet בא + Book of Creation, Speak it into existence! Sefer Yetzirah

Hebrew Aleph Bet Book of Creation

The Hebrew letters are channels of Light, they are the building blocks of Creation, the Foundation of all things. Everything in the universe is created and animated using Hebrew letters. YHVH יהוה is the animating force of everything in the Universe. Torah and God are One, Trough Divine Speech, Creation sealed in Truth. From Nothingness did He make something, all forms of speech and every created thing, and from the empty void He made the universe, and from the non-existent, He brought forth Life. The Holy Spirit is His Voice and His Word in twenty-two letters. Speak it into existence!

In thirty-two wonderful paths of wisdom did Yah יהוה engrave his name, Who inhabits eternity. He created this universe by the three derivatives: Writing, Numbers, and Speech.

Ten are the numbers formed from nothing, as are the ineffable Sefirot (Emanations). Seen in the fingers of the hands 10+, over them is the Covenant of speech (מלכות Malkuth) revealing spiritual voice 1+, and feet 10+, and inbetween the rite of Circumcision (יסוד Yesod) 1=. 22 Twenty-Two Letters, are the foundation of all things.

Investigate these numbers, and draw knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Fix the design in its purity, and pass from it to its Creator seated on his throne (כתר Keter). These Ten Numbers, are beyond Ein Sof and have boundless realms, boundless origin and end, an abyss of good and one of evil, boundless height and depth, East and West, North and South, and only One God and King, faithful forever seated on His throne, shall rule over all, forever and ever.

These Ten Sefirot which are ineffable and infinite, have their end conjoined in their beginning. As is a flame to a burning coal, whose appearance is like scintillating flames. God is perfect in his unity and does not permit a second one. The word of God is in them as they burst forth, and as they return; they obey the divine command, rushing along as a whirlwind, returning to prostrate themselves at his throne. “The living creatures ran and returned, and on this wisdom was the covenant made with us.”

First, is the Holy Spirit of the Living God, more than blessed be the name of the Living Eternal God. The Holy Spirit is His Voice, His Spirit, and His Word.

Second, from the Spirit he made Air and formed for speech twenty-two letters, three are ‘mothers’, seven are ‘double’, and twelve are ‘simple’, but the spirit is first among these.

Third, Primitive Water. He also formed and designed from his Spirit, and from the void and formless made the earth, even as a rampart, or standing wall, and varied its surface even as the crossing of beams.

Fourth, from the Water, He designed Fire, and from it formed for himself a throne of honor, with Ofanim, Serafim, Holy Animals, and ministering Angels, and with these, he formed his dwelling, as is written, “Who makes his angels spirits and his ministers a flaming fire.”

He selected three letters from the simple ones, and sealed them as forming his great Name, Yud, Hei, Vav, יהו and he sealed the universe in six directions (יסוד Yesod). Fifth, He looked above, and sealed the height, with Yud-Hei-Vav יהו. Sixth, He looked below, and sealed the deep, with Yud-Vav-Hei יוה. Seventh, He looked forward, and sealed the East, with Hei-Yud-Vavהיו. Eighth, He looked backward, and sealed the West, with Hei-Vav-Yud הוי. Ninth, He looked to the right, and sealed the South, with Vav-Yud-Hei ויה. Tenth, He looked to the left, and sealed the North, with Vav-Hei-Yud בראשיתוהי Bereshit “In the beginning” to have a beginning He “Created six” that is Bereshit, in order to have a beginning he created space and time, the heavens and the earth. בראשית contains the word Brit ברית (Circumcision) and אש Fire, a Covenant of Fire. The Covenant of the gates of Creation, Speech מלכות Malkuth and the Brit יסוד Yesod. Torah in our mouth and our Brit guarded.

These are the Ten Ineffable Existences, the Holy Spirit of the Living God, Air, Water, Fire, Height and Depth, East and West, South and North. The foundations are the twenty-two letters, three mothers, seven double, and twelve single letters.

Three mothers, namely Aleph, Mem, Shin, represent Air, Water, and Fire: Aleph mute as Water, Shin hissing as Fire, and Mem as air of a spiritual type, is as balance, standing erect between them and pointing out the equilibrium which exists, speaking.

He formed, weighed, transmuted, composed, and created with these twenty-two letters every living being, and every soul yet uncreated.

Twenty-two letters are formed by the voice, impressed on the air, and audibly uttered with פ five: in the throat as guttural sounds; in the palate as palatals; by the tongue as linguals; through the teeth as dentals; and by the lips as labial sounds.

These twenty-two letters, the foundations, He arranged as on a sphere, with two hundred and thirty-one modes. If the sphere is rotated forward, good is implied, if in a retrograde manner evil is intended.

For He indeed showed the mode of combination of the letters, each with each, Aleph with all, and all with Aleph. Thus in combining all together in pairs are produced these two hundred and thirty-one gates of knowledge. From Nothingness did He make something, and all forms of speech and every created thing, and from the empty void He made the solid earth, and from the non-existent He brought forth Life.

He hewed, as it were, immense columns or colossal pillars, out of the intangible air, and from the empty space. And this is the impress of the whole, twenty-one letters, all from one the Aleph.

The three mother letters Aleph, Mem, and Shin, their foundation is a pan of a scale of culpability and a pan of merit, and the tongue of decree decides between them.

The Three MothersAleph, Mem, Shin – a mighty mystery, most occult and most marvelous, sealed as with six rings, and from them proceed Fire, Water, and Air; these are subsequently differentiated into male and female. Three mothers – Aleph, Mem, Shin, their foundation. And from them were born fathers and all was created from them.

The three mother letters – Aleph, Mem, and Shin – are air, water, and fire in the world. Heaven is created from Fire (ש Shin in shamayim); the Earth from Water (מ Mem in mayim); and the Air ( א Aleph in ’avir) which decides between the fire and the water.

During the year, or in regards to time in general, these three mothers represent Hot, Cold, and Warm. The hot from the fire, the cold from the water, and the warm from the spiritual air, which again is an equalizer between them. These three mothers again represent in the Microcosm human form, male and female; the Head, the Belly, and the Chest. The head from the hot fire, the belly from cold water, and the chest from the warm air that lieth between them.

These three mothers He created, form, and design, and with the three mothers combine in the world, and in the year, and in Man, both male and female.

He caused א Aleph to reign in the Air, and crowned it, and combined one with the other, and with these He sealed the Air in the world, the warmth of the year, and the chest ( lungs) in man; the Male with Aleph-Mem-Shin, the Female with Aleph-Shin-Mem.

He caused מ Mem to predominate in Water, and crowned it, and combined it with others, and formed Earth in the world, cold in the year, and the belly in the soul, male and female, Male with Mem-Aleph-Shin and Female with Mem-Shin-Aleph.

He caused ש Shin to reign in Fire and crowned it, and He combined one with the other, and sealed them, as heaven in the universe, as heat in the year, and as the head of Man and Woman. [Male with Shin-Aleph-Mem and Female with Shin-Mem-Aleph.]

There were formed Seven double letters: Bet [b/v], Gimel [g/j], Dalet [d/dh], Kaph [k/kh], Pe [p/ph], Resh [r/rr], Tav [t/th], each has two voices, either aspirated or softened. These are the foundations of Life, Peace, Riches, Beauty or Reputation, Wisdom, Fruitfulness, and Power. These are double, because their opposites take part in life, opposed to Life is Death; to Peace, War; to Riches, Poverty; to Beauty or Reputation, Deformity or Disrepute; to Wisdom, Ignorance; to Fruitfulness, Sterility; to Power, Slavery. These seven double letters point out the dimensions, East, West, height, depth, North, South, with the Holy Temple in the middle, sustaining all things. These seven double letters He formed, designed, created, and combined into the Stars of the Universe, the days of the week, the orifices of perception in man; and from them he made seven heavens, and seven planets, all from nothingness, and, moreover, he has preferred and blessed the sacred heptad.

From two 2 letters, He composed two 2 dwellings; from three 3, six 6; from four 4, twenty-four 24; from five 5, one hundred and twenty 120; from six 6, seven hundred and twenty 720; from seven, five thousand and forty 5040; and from thence their numbers increase in a manner beyond counting; and are incomprehensible. These seven are Planets of the Universe, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars; the seven days of creation; and these an the seven gateways of a man, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth, through which he perceives by his senses.

אָלֶף א

Alef, First of all letters and numbers, beginning of counting, everything starts with One 1. This is the impress of the whole, twenty-one letters, all from one the Aleph. Aleph with all letters, and all with Aleph. Only through א, is the Holy One, One. Union is actualized by א, One worth a thousand, One worth them All, YHVH upper YUD, Torah VUV, Human lower Yud. Upper Yud upper waters, waters of joy, Lower Yod lower waters, bitter waters, Vuv the firmament. The union of the higher reality to the lower reality trough the Torah. There is none other besides him ( Y+V+Y = 26 = Y+H+V+H). Strenght power and Leadership, Oxhead. Air is a Mother letter = א = Alef = 1 = Yud VuV Yud = 1000 Sound: silent Meaning: Master, teacher, and wondrous.

בית ב‬

Bet, the first letter of the Torah, and the number Two 2, for Written Torah and  Oral Torah. The letter ב‬ was chosen first from twenty-two to Begin Creation, Bereshit “In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.” Two in One, Male and Female as One Home, in Wisdom and Understanding, as a Family. Bet is a Double letter B, V. Sound: B with a dagesh (dot) and V without a dagesh.

The final deed arose first in thought. My house will be called a House of Prayer for all peoples. The Holy One, Blessed Be He, desired a dwelling place in lower reality. They shall build me a Temple and I will dwell in them. Dwell in every Jew. Bet is numerically equal to the word “ta’avah,” which means “desire” or “passion”, a desire directly for God, to fill one’s soul. He will fulfill the passion of the tzadik.

הסד Chesed: He caused and produced Bet, predominant in wisdom, crowned, combined, and formed Saturn in the Universe, the first day of the week, and the right eye, of man:

גִּימֵל ג

Gimel a Vav with a Yud as a foot, is the Number Three 3. Symbolizes a rich man running after a poor man, the dalet, to give charity. Gimel is derived from the word gemul, and means giving of reward as well as punishment. In Torah giving of reward and punishment is for the rectification of the soul, the balance of air, water, and fire. Gimel is a Double letter G, J. Sound: G Meaning: Nourish, wean, camel, bridge.

גבורה Gevurah: Gimel, predominant in health, crowned, combined and formed Jupiter in the Universe, the second day of the week, and the left eye in man.

דָּלֶת ד

Dalet, means door, on solid ground. Malchut has nothing of her own, only that which it receives from the higher sefirot. Humble knowing everything is from God, possessing nothing of one’s own. Humility opens the door for God to dwell within. Dalet, like a man, bowed in humility. Dalet is the Number Four 4, and a Double letter D, DH. Sound: D Meaning: Poor, door, lift up.

תפארת Tiferet: Dalet, predominant in fertility, crowned, combined, and formed Mars in the Universe, the third day of the week, and the right ear in man.

הֵא ה

Hei is a Dalet with an unattached Yud. Hei is the Number Five 5. Expressing thought, intention, speech, and action. With the Letter, Hei God Created the physical world. The horizontal line is thought, the vertical line is speech, the unattached Yud is action. The gift is in the Yud in the action. Sound: H Meaning: Here is, behold, and to be disturbed.

וָו ו

Vav is “and”, a connection between two, “In the beginning God created the heavens and [Vav] the earth”. Vav is the Number Six 6. Vav appears at the beginning of the sixth word of the Torah as the 22nd letter, in the Six Days of Creation. The connection between soul and body, male and female, heaven and earth, past and future, repentance correcting the past in the future. To reconnect is to repent, turning sin into merit by using the transgression and separation as the motivating force to return to God with a greater passion and fervor than if he had never sinned. Vav drawing down light from the future into the past. Vav is an upright Man, Vav is the brit. Sound: V, OH and OO Meaning: Hook, in front of a word, transforms past into future or future to past

זַיִן ז

Zayin is a sword that cuts off from the mundane, for all Sevens are dear, perfection within nature. A woman of valor is the crown of her husband, Shabbat is the crown of the week. A Vav with a crown made of returning light going to the left in Awe and to the right in Love as the crown. Zayin, is the Number Seven 7. Sound: Z

חֵית ח

Chet is constructed by Vav and Zayin, creating the energy of hovering above nature and its limitations, touching yet not touching. “The spirit of God was hovering over the water”. Chet is life, the spirit of God the Life of all life. Chet is the Number Eight 8, going beyond nature to resurrect the dead. Father is Vav, Mother Zayin, God in-between. Circumcised on the eight redeemed for Life, a covenant of Eternal Life. Sound: KH

טֵית ט

Tet, modestly her goodness is hidden within, like nine months of pregnancy. Power to bring potential to actualization. There is no good other than Torah, everything is hidden in the Torah. Tet is the Number Nine 9. Sound: T

יוֹד י

Yud, is the Number Ten 10, Ten sefirot in everything, and Yud in every letter. Yud, beginning and end of all. One point, One God Who is indivisible. One flame soaring ever higher, the only hovering letter. The little point that holds Infinity. Yud the concentrated power of God, Vav the decent of that power and blessings into Dalet the physical world. Reveals the good hidden in the letter Tet. Yud is the Hand of God, with Ten Utterances God created the world. Black am I but beautiful, for there is no white inside this letter, as there is in other letters. I have no room to bring you in beneath My wings. You will not see me, you cannot see anything in Me since I am a tiny point. The World that is Coming is created by Yud, a river that issues from Eden to water the Garden called Vav that waters another Garden, which is Dalet, which is four. Sound: Y

כף ך כ

Kaf, is the number Twenty 20 the much revealed from a Yud. God continually making spiritual potential into actual, God creating the world continuously. The Palms of the Holy One, I have engraved you upon My Palms, where potential is actualized. Keter: Declaring the end at the beginning, wait and contemplate, creating from the Crown, and everything Encircles, becoming One with the power to rule.
Meaning: Palm, spoon, crown Sound: K with a dagesh and KH without a dagesh

נצח Netzach: Kaf, predominant in life, crowned, combined, and formed Sun in the Universe, the fourth day of the week, and the left ear of man.

Kaph is a Double letter K, KH.

לָמֶד ל

Lamed, a heart aspiring upwards understanding the knowledge of the mind. A Kaf reaching upward to a Yud, it’s sum equals Lamed and is the number Thirty 30. The only letter ascending above the line “A tower soaring in the air.” Learning Torah in order to teach, learning in order to do. It is a mitzvah to reveal the secrets of Torah. Sound: L Meaning:  Learn and teach.

מֵם ם מ

Mem is the number Forty 40, which represents a metamorphosis, transformation, and renewal. A mikveh has the ability to change an individual from a state of impurity to purity. Repentance transforms a person, once he has repented he is no longer the same person he was when he sinned, turning his sin into merit. The open mem represents the revealed Torah and the closed mem represents the Torah’s secrets, Zohar. There is no water but Torah, the only thing that will quench one’s thirst is Torah. When evil is transformed into good, and Satan is overcome Bet(Bereshit) becomes Mem, and the Holy One is One. Mem is a Mother letter. Sound: M Meaning:  Water and Mashiach.

נוּן ן נ

Nun, is the number Fifty 50. Bent Nun, a humble one nullified in the waters of Torah with Awe. Straight Nun, one who serves God out of Love standing straight in his presence, an extended vav descending below the line unbounded light above and below. One cannot see God, everything seems to be controlled by the laws of nature, this reality is a total deception. There are fifty levels of Binah, understanding. Fifty is required for true freedom, like the Jubilee or the counting of the Omer. Only through Torah can one attain true freedom, and escape the deceit. Sound: N Meaning: Deceit, kingship, fish, miscarriage, and miracle.

סָמֶך ס

Samech is a circle, representing infinity with no beginning or end, and the infinite power of Ein Sof, G‑d’s infinite light. Its end is wedged at its beginning. To continuously be aspirating to achieve higher and higher levels of God, with Awe, and Love. The state of being supported by God at all times, and using medicine as support. Six directions all around with ten sefirot, Samech is the number Sixty 60. Sound: S

עַיִן ע

Ayin is the number Seventy 70. Two eyes and the optic nerves entering the brain. A Vav(Torah) in a Nun(Humility), only the humble can acquire Torah. And the glory of God shall be revealed and all flesh shall see together that the mouth of God speaks, for God is our salvation, Written Torah. The Eye of God is on those who fear Him, the ever-open eye that is all right. Sound: silent

פה ף פ

Pey is the number Eighty 80. God is my mouthpiece. The power to create and complete the creation through speech. Union with God is achieved by speech, Oral Torah. Sound: P with a dagesh and F without a dagesh. Pey is a Double letter P, PH.

הוד Hod: Pey, predominant in power, crowned, combined, and formed Venus in the Universe, the fifth day of the week, and the right nostril in man.

צדי ץ צ

Tzadik, a yud on top of the letter nun, a divine intellect above the deceit, a Righteous one. With Godliness flowing from Yud, we can overcome the Nun. The straight Tzadik represents the baal teshuvah a master of repentance. Tzadik is the foundation of the world, Yesod. Tzadik is joined with Kuf, to pour down the light of mercy and sustain the existence of all that are below them. Kuf is the beginning of Malchut, thus Yesod and Malchut are forever joined. To hunt and eat in order to redeem and elevate the 288 fallen sparks of the breaking of the vessels. Tzadik is the number Ninety 90. Sound: TS

קוֹף ק

Kuf, is like Hei, but her feet descend into death, capturing Holy sparks in the kelipah, the reality of fallen sparks. The Kuf represents kelipah, unholiness, and the Hei holiness. The letter Kuf is a monkey a mimic, the vanity and false imitations of this world. To overcome the kelipah, one must be willing to serve God beyond the comfort zone and rationality, to transform folly into suprarational power. A Reish above with a zayin descending below the line on the left. Zayin and reish spell zar, foreign. Avoid all foreign to Torah, and be crowned in Torah, zayin and reish spell zeir, crown. The fallen holy sparks give Kuf great strength, so an individual who violates the Torah will be touched and surrounded by the kelipah. Zayin is being grasped in all worlds, permeating realms of reality, this enables touching and connection between souls. The soul opening to God, an eye of a needle. Kuf is the number One Hundred 100. Sound: K

רֵישׁ ר

One who is bent over; a poor person, and at times evil and far away from God. Resh, is like a Dalet, but it lacks a Yud, and with Yud He created the World to Come. Dalet is poor but, Resh is also spiritually poor. There is no poor person except one who is poor in the knowledge of God. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. Thinks and speaks evil, but with repentance can become the head. Resh is the Number Two Hundred 200. Sound: R Resh is a Double letter R, RR.

יסוד Yesod: Resh, predominant in peace, crowned, combined, and formed Mercury in the Universe, the sixth day of the week, and the left nostril in man.

שִׁין ש

Shin, a crown with three columns, Wisdom Understanding and application of Knowledge, thought speech and action. In the emotions, right is kindness, left is judgment, central is mercy. The dot above the Shin emphasizes one of these attributes. Chew life over with the strength of your teeth, break it up to its essence. This year, be steadfast in faith, change for the good, and return to God, He does not change. Three Vavs, each with a Yud on top, Shin is the Number Three Hundred 300. Sound: SH with a dot over the right side, and S with a dot over the left. Shin is a Mother letter, Fire

תו ת

Tav is the final letter and is perfection on all levels, thought, speech, and action, fulfilling the Torah from Aleph to Tav. Tav is a Dalet and a Nun: Dan means to Judge. Through humility, you get back to the Truth, God, you have Life and then Death. Tav the seal of Death, Mavet. Be humble before Him, He brings to life and puts to death, all in perfect Truth. He repays His enemies in their lifetime to make them perish. Those completely absorbed by the pursuit of self-indulgent pleasure, self-deceived (Nun), in the long run, suffering. Although this indulgent pleasure may initially seem glorious, it eventually leads to poverty. The Nun represents this self-deception and this temporary pleasure. He concealed Him­self within the laws of nature, with Torah and Mitzvot and self-refinement, the truth is revealed, and eternal pleasure. Judge your thoughts intentions speech and actions, before the Judge. Numerical value: 400 Sound: T with a dagesh and S without. Tav is a Double letter T, TH.

מלכות Malkuth: Tav, predominant in beauty, crowned, combined and formed Moon in the Universe, the seventh day in the week, and the mouth of man.

Two Letters produce two houses; three form six; four form twenty-four; five form one hundred and twenty; six form seven hundred and twenty; seven form five thousand and forty; and beyond this their numbers increase so that the mouth can hardly utter them, nor the ear hear the number of them. So now, behold the Stars of our World, the Planets which are Seven; the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The Seven are also the Seven Days of Creation; and the Seven Gateways of the Soul of Man—the two eyes, the two ears, the mouth and the two nostrils. So with the Seven are formed the seven heavens, the seven earths, and the seven periods of time; and so has He preferred the number Seven above all things under His Heaven.

The simple letters are twelve, namely: Hei, Vav, Zayin, Chet, Tet, Yud, Lamed, Nun, Samech, Ayin, Tsade, and Quph; they represent the fundamental properties, sight, hearing, smell, speech, desire for food, the sexual appetite, movement, anger, mirth, thought, sleep, and work. These symbolize also twelve directions in space: northeast, southeast, the east above, the east below, the northwest, southwest, the west above, the west below, the upper south, the lower south, the upper north, the lower north. These diverge to all eternity, and an as the arms of the universe.

These twelve letters, he designed, formed, combined, weighed, and changed, and created with them the twelve divisions of the heavens namely, the zodiacal constellations, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve important organs of the frame of man, namely the right and left hands, the right and left feet, two kidneys, the liver, the gall, the spleen, the intestines, the gullet, and the stomach. God produced Hei, predominant in Speech, crowned, combined, and formed Aries in the world, Nisan in the year, and the right foot of man. God produced Vav, predominant in Mind, crowned, combined, and formed Taurus in the world, Yiar in the year, and the right kidney of man. God produced Zayin, predominant in movement, crowned, combined, and formed Gemini in the world, Sivan in the year, and the left foot of man. He produced Chet, predominant in Sight, crowned, combined, and formed Cancer in the world, Tammuz in the year, and the right hand of man. He produced Tet, predominant in Hearing, crowned, combined, and formed Leo in the world, Ab in the year, and the left kidney in man. He produced Yud, predominant in Labor, crowned, combined, and formed Virgo in the world, Elul in the year, and the left hand of man. He produced Lamed, predominant in sexual desire, crowned, combined, and formed Libra in the world, Tishrei in the year, and the gall in man. He produced Nun, predominant in smell, crowned, combined, and formed Scorpio in the world, Marchesvan in the year, and the intestines in man. He produced Samech, predominant in sleep, crowned, combined, and formed Sagittarius in the world, Kislev in the year, and the stomach of man. He produced Ayin, predominant in Anger, crowned, combined, and formed Capricornus in the world, Tebet in the year, and the liver in man. He produced Tsade, predominant in Taste, crowned, combined, and formed Aquarius in the world, Shevat in the year, and the gullet in man. He produced Quph, predominant in Mirth, crowned, combined, and formed Pisces in the world, Adar in the year, and the spleen in man.

Three ‘mothers’, seven ‘double’ and twelve ‘simple’, these are the twenty-two letters.

Yud-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, Tetragrammaton, that is our Lord of Hosts, exalted, and existed in the ages, whose Name is Holy, created three ‘fathers’, fire and spirit and water, progressing beyond them, seven heavens with their armies of angels; and twelve limits of the universe.

In proof of these things, and witnessing faithfully are the Universe, the Year of time, and Man himself, the Microcosm. He fixed these as testimonies of the Triad, the Heptad, and the Dodecad; the twelve constellations rulers of the world, the Dragon Tali which environs the universe, and the microcosm, man. The triad, fire, water, and air; the fire above, the water below, and the air in the midst. The proof of which is that air is a participator with both.

Tali, the Dragon, is above the Universe, as a king on his throne; the sphere in the year as a king in his State, the Heart of man as a king in warfare. And our God made the states of opposition, good and evil, good from the good, and evil from the evil. Happiness is reserved for the just, and misery for the wicked ones.

And out of the triad one stands apart; and in the heptad there are two triads, and one standing apart. The dodecad symbolizes war, the triad of amity, the triad of enmity, three which are life-giving, three which are death-dealing, and God, the faithful king, rules over all from the throne of his sanctity. One above three, three above seven, and seven above twelve, and all are linked together, and one with another.

After that our father Abraham had seen, and pondered over, investigated, and understood these things, he designed, engraved, and composed them, and received them into his power (hands). Then the Lord of all appeared unto him, made a covenant with him, and kissed his head, and naming him after his own name, called him his friend; and as it is written, completed a covenant with him and with his seed forever, who then believed on God יהוה, and it was assigned to him for righteousness.

God ordained a covenant between the toes of his feet, that of circumcision; and a covenant between the fingers of his hands, that of the Tongue. He bound the essences of the twenty-two letters on his tongue, and God disclosed to him the secrets of them. God has carried these through waters, He has borne them aloft through fire, and He has stamped them in the storms of the air; He has distributed them among the seven stars, and has assigned them to twelve celestial constellations. Amen.

Spiritual Beauty is Ranked in Modesty.

The more Modest a Woman is, the Higher Spiritual level she attains, for herself and her family. Her Soul becomes more beautiful because the reward for Modesty is equal to studying Torah day and night. Not destroying her own light makes her shine more beautifully.

An immodest Woman is coupled with an Angel of destruction. She is a destroyer of worlds. All the Souls brought down into the world without a body are consider a world destroyed, a seed destroyed containing worlds. In immodesty you become partners in the sin, spilling seed without having it. A man that spills seed is coupled with a Destroyer, he is one who murders his own children.

All the Light spilled is used against oneself, creating one’s own demons and one’s own destruction, trough our own efforts. Demons being good, they are here to destroy the wicked with their own energy. Measure for measure a perfectly fitting punishment. The power to create used to destroy oneself.

A Soul Sold for Attention.

Correct and Rectify Your Soul!

References: Torah Zohar Tanya

Awe, Sum of All. To fear God. – Saturn, Sefirot of Hesed the first day of Creation.

The Light of the first day of Creation was hidden away for those in Awe of You. How many things come from my Awe of You? Your Love clings to my Awe of you, this is the greatest treasure for my Lord. Awe of God is the beginning of wisdom, wisdom that begets good understanding, that begets knowledge of God. Halleluyah! how great is Your goodness, that is revealed to those in Awe of You! This Awe is named beginning; it is the force through which one enters faith. The entire world is based on this connection.

Keter is the Crown כתר. Chokhmah is Wisdom חכמה. Binah is Understanding בינה. Daʻat is Knowledge דעת, an internalization of Keter.

This Awe is named beginning; it is the force through which one enters faith. Awe branches in three directions, two of which are not focused on God.

One who fears God’s physical or spiritual punishment is focused on himself and not on God at all. Be in Awe of the Lord because He is infinite and supreme, source of all worlds, before whom everything is considered as nothing.

Fear the Lord whether in judgment or favor, arouse Awe constantly fearing the Lord fittingly, not hardening your heart, for one who hardens his heart falls into evil. This is the root and foundation of all the commandments in Torah. Whoever adheres to Awe adheres to all; one who does not, does not keep the connections of Torah, for this is the gate to all. It is written after Awe, beginning, sum of All!

Fear and Awe point to the same force within us. It is Awe when focused on God. It is fear when focused on oneself. Awe focused on God binds us to God, the source of all. One who fears for oneself is bound to darkness. The wisdom that endures comes only from awe of God. Without the awe of God, there is no wisdom. Awe is the root of turning away from evil, enabling one to keep all 365 negative commandments. Nothing for my self all for I AM WHO I AM. All these form the first Letter of your Holy Name, Yud. Awe of God heightens sharpens and is the source of my awareness of You.

Sin is to join below causing separation above, so blessings cease to flow into the world. “One should separate below and join above. Focusing ones awe up above towards God to be bound and unified to Him. Everything is in the hands of God except the fear of God. How great is, awe, in the sight of the Omnipresent, included in awe is humility, and included in humility is, devotion. Whoever possesses fear of God attains humility, and whoever possesses humility attains devotion. This is a prerequisite to divine service.

Bet, predominant in wisdom, crowned, combined, and formed Saturn in the Universe, the first day of the week, and the right eye, of man.

Blessing: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endures forever. Blessed be the name of his glorious kingdom forever and ever. Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe Who is all I Fear. 

Psalms: You who fear him, trust in the LORD – he is their help and shield. From everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s Love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children. Praise the LORD. Blessed are those who fear the LORD, who find great delight in his commands. I will praise you with an upright heart as I learn your righteous laws.

If only they would fear me and obey all my commandments as long as they live. Then things would go well for them and their children forever!

Fitting awe emanates from my heart pushing forward and upwards into the Light. Arouse the divine energy of Awe of God, by meditating on this name of God:

Fear God Awe

References: Torah Zohar Tanya

Love Aboundingly. To love God.

Awe is linked to love, never departing. Abounding love, is loving one’s Lord consummately. Walk in My presence and be wholehearted, consummate in love… God said, Let there be light, consummate Love, called abounding love. Here is the commandment to love one’s Lord fittingly.

Abounding love is consummate love, consummate in two aspects. Unless embracing both, it is not consummate fittingly… Love, love of the blessed Holy One branches in two directions. There is the person who loves Him because he has wealth, longevity children surrounding him; he dominates his enemies, his paths are paved. Because of this he loves him. If things were overturned the blessed Holy One turning the wheel of strict judgment against him, then he would hate Him, not love Him at all. So this love is not rooted.

The love called consummate abides both aspects, whether judgment or favor. The ripening of the way is to love one’s Lord… even if He plucks your soul. Such love is consummate, embracing both aspects. So the light of the act of Creation radiated and was then hidden away. When it was hidden, severe Judgment flashed, and two aspects merged, consummating love fittingly.

Love is not love, if it is based on something. Any love dependent on something, if that thing ceases, love ceases. Love not dependent on anything never ceases. Love for no reason.

Awe should certainly not be forgotten in any of the commandments and should cleave especially to this commandment. How does it cleave? In one aspect, love is gracious- as explained- bestowing wealth, goodness, long life, children, and sustenance. So one should arouse awe, fearing the sway of sin. Therefore it is written: Happy is one who always fears, for awe is embraced by love.

So awe is linked to both aspects, embraced by them. This is fittingly consummate love 

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. Love is the root of doing good, enabling one to perform the 248 Positive commandments. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Love your neighbor as yourself, this is the whole of the Law. Give of your self, Love is the fulfillment of the law.

What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is yours. Love is an illumination, an act of bestowal, a sharing force that fills every void. Love because you Love to Love God, then you will always have Love. Attain heaven while alive with Love so strong you expire into the light, each time your soul renewed. Indestructible, we are Light bathing in Light. Love everyone as your self, simply because they are. Love is a bond more powerful than death. Acts of love and charity save from death because love is bound to Life.

We comprise one whole, every individual possessing qualities that others lack, only through unity and sharing can heaven on earth be attained. Everything we need exists within one another, bring forth what is within you. Give of yourself, filling the lack in the world. God is male and female in one, rich and poor in one, rendering goodness… Emulate him out of Love becoming one. Separation is the cause of death. In love make spiritual and physical one, male and female one, and rich and poor one, eliminating the separation that causes death. In unity we sustaining each other, and we endure forever.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.
Feeling what another feels, this is the key to omnipresence, this is love, this is God. My Love, My Dove, My Holy One.

Love can emanate from your heart pushing forward and upwards into the Light. Arouse the divine energy of unconditional Love, by meditating on this name of God:

References: Torah Zohar Tanya