Create a New Reality

Create with, thought intention speech and action, courser and courser until real.

Step out of past and future, and create a new reality. Be, think, do, and have a life of joy, life without sadness, life that is real life, freedom in this world, freedom from everything… Read Torah and speak a new reality into being. Every time you have an evil thought ignore it and read or think of Torah. Be like the flame of a candle, always flickers upwards. “The body of a man is a wick, and the light is kindled above it.”-Tanya

Burn the bridges behind you, so you have to move forward. There is no point in wasting your time doing something you don’t love. Do it with the confidence that God will provide something better. Trust in God, the pattern you create with your thought intention desire speech and action is what shapes the world around you.
“When one door closes another opens”. Just simply close those doors yourself.