Crowned with Torah in the Garden of Eden

Crowned with Torah in Awe and Love from head to toe for Ein Sof. With Awe and Love towards God applied at our highest level, everything that manifests below is Awe and Love for Ein Sof. With this Awe and Love above we rule over our heart and everything below.

Inside our heart exists the good and evil inclination. Why do we have both? Because we need positive and negative to have Light. One who uses his good and evil inclination to serve the Lord, that is very Good. Turning darkness into Light and bitter into sweet in his life.

I Love you, Lord. Let me be One with the One for me, so your name is One. Male and Female unite in one bond with Awe and Love emanating from their Hearts and Awe and Love below. These four connections of Awe and Love are the four rivers of the garden of Eden my Love. We Love because we Love to Love. Defying logic or reason, each in the other abounding in Love. God is Male(YHV) and Female(H) in One. Rich and Poor in One, rendering Goodness. If Money is the root of all evil, how easily it’s uprooted with Charity. Every Sefirot(world) contains within it every other Sefirot, so at every level our Love flows, there is nowhere you can be that our Love won’t go.

Awe and Love towards Ein Sof, a Male attached to God with both negative and positive attributes (Upper two rivers of Eden.). Awe and Love below from Male to Female (Yesod to Malkhut. Lower two rivers of Eden.).