Repentance Cry

One who can feel with his heart can cry out to God, and be saved. A cry a prayer and repentance are from the heart. All the gates of prayer are opened to one who cries out to the Blessed Holy One.

Feeling awareness the stuff of consciousness. One who hardens his heart cannot feel and becomes unconscious, unaware of the Holy One, unaware of what will befall him. When unconscious we become fools marching towards death.

One who wishes not to feel and not to cry, his wish is death. In death, we lost our chance to change by choice, and will be unable to shed a tear to save our life. Repent here and now save your eternal life, with life.

The Omnipresent one feeling and knowing all, always bearing the pain of the world.

Our heart is like an antenna the stronger it is the more it senses and perceives. You who feel the most are strongest of all. Those who do not feel with a heart of stone, weakest of all.

They know not what they do, because they harden their hearts in order to sin. Sin is simply foolishness, unconsciousness. What Light can you experience while unconscious?

Feeling what another feels, this is the key to omnipresence, this is Love, between you and I, this is God.