Fill Death with Life and Resurrect. Uniting opposites for Eternal Life.

Anything by itself is Death, Unity is Life:

  • Giving and Receiving.
  • Wisdom and Understanding.
  • Compassion and Judgment.
  • Male and Female.
  • Soul and Body.
  • Love and Fear.
  • Right and Left.
  • Day and Night.
  • Sun and Moon.
  • Hot and Cold.
  • Sweet and Bitter.
  • Life and Death.
  • Peace and War.
  • Good and Evil.
  • Riches and Poverty.
  • Power and Slavery.
  • Fruitfulness and Sterility.
  • Fire and Water and Air Between.
  • Positive Negative and Resistance.
  • Proton Electron and Neutron.

Combine opposites with constant resistance to generate light. Using every attribute in the service of God. This is heaven, here is Eternal Life. Judgment serving Compassion, Body serving Soul, Death serving Life, Evil serving Good, Good serving God. Using Positive and Negative to Create Light! Anything by itself not supporting its counterpart is Death. Be like God, Male and Female as one, this is an Eternal Life. Death is very good in the service of Life. Death is a mold a void that we will fill with the dew of Heaven bringing everyone back to Life!

Unify the Holy Name, “unite Judgment with Compassion, blending them fittingly as one, so that all may be sweetened and harmonized.”

From the fruit of the tree~ the blessed Holy One. In the middle of the garden.. in the middle of the Woman… Life from Death…. “A woman is more bitter than death”, here is Life! The giving of male towards a female creates a female Soul. The desire of a female for a male creates a male Soul. Souls constantly renewing eternally.

References: Torah Zohar Tanya