Folly Brightening Wisdom

Desire is antimatter, and with it you can move matter. It has a gravitational pull, pulling things into itself. Desire created by Light, its Darkness and a force of its own without Light.

When sharing, do it unbounded to logic or reason, so your blessings will be unbounded gifts beyond reason.

If you’re going to err, err in Giving too much charity, err in loving too much. If you’re going to be a fool, be foolishly compassionate foolishly friendly, and kind.

Light out of darkness he called, very good. There is only good, so very good.

The strongest want to be on top, the strongest want to take by force, but have you ever seen a person carrying a horse?

This isn’t a war, no battle at all. In being incorrect they’re already off course.

Destroy the old foolish king, leaving only light, laughing crying awake again. Purification, Destruction, what’s the difference again? All ego will go like a dream my friend.

You can’t know the mind of God… You don’t know your own subconscious! Just be conscious, we all live in each other, remember so We can all be One. 

You can only know that which you are, if you are like God than you will Be One with God.

God wants to give infinitely, Oh how much more light is revealed with a broken vessel. It’s not spilling, broken and flowing with purpose. Infinitely more than what it’s meant for.  

Break your self, there is so much more beyond the shells of your ego. A bold fool with no ego, filled with an infinite flow.

When keeping count, your not counting on God. Bounded and limited to logic and reason.

Male and female as one, rich and poor as one, spiritual and physical as one, God is One, when everything is done.

What you do to another, God will do on to you.

If you put God last, God will put you last. If you put God first, God will put you first. At every moment and for everything put God first!

The thought of good and evil is a fractured consciousness creating good and evil. That’s the lie of the snake that everyone believes. God is One, eat from all in oneness, and remain one with God.

I don’t think therefore I am. I am therefore I observe myself think.

Do you believe that’s your shirt, or do you know that’s your shirt? What’s more certain, knowing or believing? It’s better to have proof, it’s better to know. Walk in confidence knowing God.

He who goes with the wise will become wise, but he who befriends the fools will be broken.

Be Like a Flee that always keep jumping, be the first to arrive once we blow the lid off.

Eve is about to take a bite out of the Apple… No No No! don’t eat that, those are good-ol troughing apples to pelt the snakes with. Phew we avoided 6000 years of suffering.

Darwin is depressed thinking “my mother’s a monkey”, goes to the Veterinarian and says tell me about this thing about the youth in Asia? You don’t look like a Monkey… “You’ve never met my Mother”, says Darwin… If you choose to be confined to physicality, if you choose to be a monkey, do not ask why you are devoid of Light. Don’t reject reality and live in a world without a cause, without a Creator.