We should make sin a Mitzvah then people would stop sinning.

Let’s hook these people up with a good masseuse because they are a stiffed necked nation. Check what kind of pillows they are using too… Mom! Jacob is using the Rock as a pillow again.

I can walk to the Moon, I have just one question before I go. Where did you guys leave Jacob’s Ladder?

Why is eating a worm more unkosher than a pig? Because you might accidentally eat King David, so humble. Did I stutter? implied God through Moses the humble.

Even if your wife is an ass, she will see the Angel of the Lord before you. Hee-haw! Balaam

Someone came to my house and saw a painting, asked if I had a son, I said no why? It looks like a five-year-old painted it. No, I painted it and put the happy face sticker on myself… You could put it in the conference room of Boss Baby, Maybe. I’m not going to be an artist that’s ashamed of his work, what do you have against children’s paintings anyway?

I saw you guys destroying the world, it looked like so much fun I’m here to join you. Natural disasters here we come… Don’t worry its all natural. Let’s make sure we cut down all the Trees, so our only choice will be to eat bread from Heaven with a Tree of Wisdom a Tree of Life.

Whatever floats your Boat… Torah water floats my Boat, Good Will.

Why did the Rooster Like the Duck? She was the only one who did Mikvah.