Life Flow

How do we change the world? Matching and mirroring pacing and Leading.

God sheds two tears a day for you, to save the world for you. Till you realize he is there with you. Just connect, will you?

With the Lack of an Apple, an Apple, with just the taste the residue. How do you like them Apples?

Action without Awe and Love is like a body without a Soul. Action without a goal? When the goal is Soul.

With the Wisdom of the seven days of creation, we can fill the entire universe with Life. With all the secrets of space travel, just unfolding. What do you need? I’m out of jet fuel… We’ve Got Hydrogen and Oxygen, just provide all the food we need, don’t worry just exhale. We even invented the first space suit. And what did you discover? All you had to do was look was under the covers, tardigrade.