Love Aboundingly. To love God.

Awe is linked to love, never departing. Abounding love, is loving one’s Lord consummately. Walk in My presence and be wholehearted, consummate in love… God said, Let there be light, consummate Love, called abounding love. Here is the commandment to love one’s Lord fittingly.

Abounding love is consummate love, consummate in two aspects. Unless embracing both, it is not consummate fittingly… Love, love of the blessed Holy One branches in two directions. There is the person who loves Him because he has wealth, longevity children surrounding him; he dominates his enemies, his paths are paved. Because of this he loves him. If things were overturned the blessed Holy One turning the wheel of strict judgment against him, then he would hate Him, not love Him at all. So this love is not rooted.

The love called consummate abides both aspects, whether judgment or favor. The ripening of the way is to love one’s Lord… even if He plucks your soul. Such love is consummate, embracing both aspects. So the light of the act of Creation radiated and was then hidden away. When it was hidden, severe Judgment flashed, and two aspects merged, consummating love fittingly.

Love is not love, if it is based on something. Any love dependent on something, if that thing ceases, love ceases. Love not dependent on anything never ceases. Love for no reason.

Awe should certainly not be forgotten in any of the commandments and should cleave especially to this commandment. How does it cleave? In one aspect, love is gracious- as explained- bestowing wealth, goodness, long life, children, and sustenance. So one should arouse awe, fearing the sway of sin. Therefore it is written: Happy is one who always fears, for awe is embraced by love.

So awe is linked to both aspects, embraced by them. This is fittingly consummate love 

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. Love is the root of doing good, enabling one to perform the 248 Positive commandments. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Love your neighbor as yourself, this is the whole of the Law. Give of your self, Love is the fulfillment of the law.

What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is yours. Love is an illumination, an act of bestowal, a sharing force that fills every void. Love because you Love to Love God, then you will always have Love. Attain heaven while alive with Love so strong you expire into the light, each time your soul renewed. Indestructible, we are Light bathing in Light. Love everyone as your self, simply because they are. Love is a bond more powerful than death. Acts of love and charity save from death because love is bound to Life.

We comprise one whole, every individual possessing qualities that others lack, only through unity and sharing can heaven on earth be attained. Everything we need exists within one another, bring forth what is within you. Give of yourself, filling the lack in the world. God is male and female in one, rich and poor in one, rendering goodness… Emulate him out of Love becoming one. Separation is the cause of death. In love make spiritual and physical one, male and female one, and rich and poor one, eliminating the separation that causes death. In unity we sustaining each other, and we endure forever.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.
Feeling what another feels, this is the key to omnipresence, this is love, this is God. My Love, My Dove, My Holy One.

Love can emanate from your heart pushing forward and upwards into the Light. Arouse the divine energy of unconditional Love, by meditating on this name of God:

References: Torah Zohar Tanya