Spiritual Beauty is Ranked in Modesty.

The more Modest a Woman is, the Higher Spiritual level she attains, for herself and her family. Her Soul becomes more beautiful because the reward for Modesty is equal to studying Torah day and night. Not destroying her own light makes her shine more beautifully.

An immodest Woman is coupled with an Angel of destruction. She is a destroyer of worlds. All the Souls brought down into the world without a body are consider a world destroyed, a seed destroyed containing worlds. In immodesty you become partners in the sin, spilling seed without having it. A man that spills seed is coupled with a Destroyer, he is one who murders his own children.

All the Light spilled is used against oneself, creating one’s own demons and one’s own destruction, trough our own efforts. Demons being good, they are here to destroy the wicked with their own energy. Measure for measure a perfectly fitting punishment. The power to create used to destroy oneself.

A Soul Sold for Attention.

Correct and Rectify Your Soul!

References: Torah Zohar Tanya