EINSOF.IO provides spiritual wisdom for attaining unity with our infinite source…

From the perspective of Light, no time has passed. From the perspective of Light, the Beginning and End are One. The effect is within the Cause, declaring the end at the Begining.  

Unite with GOD’s [יהוה = YHVH] Will and Wisdom, and thereby with GOD Himself, because Torah and GOD are One. Be one with the Word, know the commandments (connections), keep them and be them inside and out. An action below arouses an action above when perfected below by our deeds, the Holy Name becomes One, GOD is the only existing Being, and all is contained within Him.

In the Hebrew Torah given by GOD on mount Sinai, in Genesis and Exodus, after the first “T”, counting in 49 letter increments, you find that the letters spell Torah repeating at length. In Numbers and Deuteronomy, these 49 letter increments spell Torah backward. In Leviticus the middle book counting in 7 letter increments you find the name of GOD יהוה. The Torah of יהוה is perfect, even if one letter would be moved or missing it would not be from God, Creator of All.

See only good see only GOD, let your consciousness be unified to the only One. Positive and negative with a resistance generates Light, let them all be good in your sight. There is no fitting vessel for the infinite light flow, without a Mitzvah (connection) below! Be unified in thought intention, speech, and action, creating a clear path for the lights flow, filling the World and your Soul. A Soul, the sum total of One’s desires, the will power to overcome them, direct them, correct them, and fulfill them. A desire without resistance [will] is darkness, not Light.

Keep the 613 connections and be a channel of Light. All the connections were made for all your desires, to fill them with Light! He isn’t far, He is quite near, without Him animating every moment you wouldn’t be here. In performing a connection, you are one with GODHimself. Overcome body and attain Soul, overcome Soul and attain Ein Sof. Put yourself to death and find life, you are light bathing in light. Walk in his ways and be perfect, through a complete nullification of one’s self to GOD. Following the light is the path of grace, attained only with a direct desire for GOD and nothing else. This is the path that begins when all others end, knowing that nothing else can fulfill you, only GOD Himself. Seeking to unify with the Source of All.

Einsof gave us Himself in Torah. The Infinite One compressed Himself into the Torah that looks finite and is infinite. So let us consume and internalize His Wisdom for the creation and illumination of infinite worlds. This is why we are commanded to emulate him… soon the righteous will create worlds and resurrect the dead.

Time is Circular, its beginning wedged at its end. We are creating restrictions in time and space through the Mitzvot (connections), emanating and adding more light on each rotation. Bless and say thanks more, He placed it within us to shine brighter every day, you are his treasure his reward. When you reach the end, it’s just the beginning. There is Eternal Life and Light. Let us be one with the Infinite One.

 The path of charity is Life, on the way of its path there is No Death.