The Purpose of Life

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Video Transcript:

A Divine Torah. How do we know, before we go into the Torah, how do we know God exists? We cannot prove that He exists with the five senses that we have. We can’t smell him, we can’t taste him we can’t see him, we can’t hear him, we can’t touch him. In that case, how can we prove that he exists? The answer to that is when you see the creation, your learning about the creator, the more sophisticated is the creation it indicates about the brilliance and the ability of the great creator.We have a rule in life, everything that we are going to see and to hold in our hand, every creation that we ever approach in our life, a laptop a projector a table a chair a lightbulb, anything you name it, anything that was ever created, we know that if there is a creation there has to be a creator. Coming to say that this beautiful creation with billions of stars galaxies oxygen water everything people animals 2 million different kinds of animals, trees flowers so many brilliant things in the creation coming to claim that something like this happened with a random explosion and everything started to expand out of nowhere and then it started to develop with certain evolution, and one thing leads to another it also not exactly clever to claim such a claim. But when the professors are saying it in the university everybody buys it they live with that they learned it they go to test on it they pass the test, and then they become professor, and excuse my language they continue to teach this nonsense to another ten million people and they will teach this to one hundred million people, and I promise you not even one of them believes what he’s preaching. Why? every normal human being knows if there is a chair there must be a carpenter, I don’t know him but I am willing to swear on my life that a carpenter made it. If there is a laptop there is some kind of Japanese engineer that made it, I am willing to swear on it. I don’t have to know him. If I go to the moon and I see a Coca-Cola can I know somebody was there before me, it did not get there by its self. If there is a creation there must be a creator. The more brilliant the creation is, it indicates that the creator is more brilliant to make a chair you don’t need to be a genius one day of training and you know how to make a chair to make an F-16 airplane you need 20 years of training it’s not enough one day, why? it’s a very sophisticated machine. The more clever the machine is the more ability the creator has. When we review a human brain, we take one brain size of an apple ten trillion connections inside this little piece of gelly 80% gelly 20% raw material ten trillion connections in this little box. If we take all the telephone companies in the world include all the satellites every wire out there include all satellites of all the countries of the world combined is not 1% of the dumbest person in the world, take the dumbest person in the world, his brain is 100 times greater than all the telecommunication companies including internet all over the world, just one brain of one person multiply it by 7 billion people in this generation, go back hundreds of generations before take millions and millions of different monkeys take all the 2 million different species they all have brains everything is connected people have feelings people have memory, everything is very very sophisticated, not to talk about the rest of the creation. I’m not even going into the galaxies and all the rest of the movements of all the galaxies everything is in order, nothing collides there is a supervision of every inch of the creation to come and deny it you can say whatever you want, but let’s not fool our selves. I don’t believe there is one person in the history that really believes that everything was made by its self and there is no supervisor, it’s not realistic. Did you ever see any creation, point one, ever in history anywhere in the world in any culture in any country in any language any kind of creation that was made by anyone that did not have a purpose? If the most sophisticated creation is the world and mainly the human being and his brain and liver and heart and veins and the nerve system and thousands of thousands of different systems in his body, its beautiful creation a great machine with unbelievable abilities. Is it possible that the creator made the human being without a purpose? Is it possible he made him just like that with no reason? It’s not realistic. There has to be a reason, so that leads us to the next question. What good is the answer that there is a purpose to the life of a human being without knowing what it is? Did you ever see in life a normal human being that it doesn’t bother him, what am I doing in this world? 6.4 billion people so many people running around business marriage children animals food all kinds of things, what am I doing here? The creator that put me here what does he want from me? Why did he give me 70 years of life? Is it possible that this creator which is so sophisticated he puts us here with a purpose and never bothers to tell us the purpose? Nobody ever knew the purpose, nobody knows what to do, so what are we living for? What’s the point of living? Why dying why living why being sick why being rich why being poor get married to have children, not get married suffer, what’s all this? Does it have a purpose without any instructions? Of course not. The first rule is, that if there is a book, that was given by the creator of the world to people. If we are going to find one mistake in that book, one human error, from that moment on, it’s not going to be wise to continue to waste time on that book. You can read it, your curious, but obviously, you cannot continue to claim that this book is divine. Why? people like Albert Einstine and other genius people as genius as they may be, they make mistakes, no-one is perfect. But when the book, claims to be the book of God we expect God to be a superpower that it’s completely perfect. If he’s capable of making human errors we cannot rely on one word of what he says. Because if he tells me, that I’m going to have to put on tefillin every day, maybe it’s his second mistake. If he tells me that I have to observe the Sabbath, and for that, he’s going to reward me greatly maybe it’s another mistake. If he tells me to get married, maybe that’s another mistake. How can I rely on him after he’s already proven to me once that he’s able to make mistakes? It’s enough that I find one time, that he made such mistake, like a geographical mistake, mathematical mistake, a contradiction in his books, in the chapters, one time he says one number in the next chapter he says a different number, so that’s a memory problem. From that moment on I cannot rely on that book.

My next step right now is. Now I come and I through a Bomb here. What is my bomb? I claim, I claim that there is one book in history, only one, that was given to millions of people in a public event. They have one representative from them which was Moses Ben Amram. Moses spoke to God, God gave him the Torah in front to millions of people of the nation of Israel. This is before Isreal became Israel, we were first Hebrews at that moment. After the Torah was given we became the Jews, the Jewish religion officially started. We are the only religion, who started in front of millions of witnesses. We didn’t believe a story of a person who came from nowhere and told us God spoke to me and gave me a book. No, absolutely not, the opposite, when God came to Moses and said go and save the nation of Israel out of Egypt they are all slaves. The answer of Moses was any way they won’t believe me that you spoke to me. They will say that I’m a liar, and God didn’t get angry at him. What did he tell him? They’re right why should they believe you, just because you come and say that I spoke to you they should believe you, no. I will speak to you in public, in front of all of them when you bring them around the mountain and after that they will believe in you for eternity, and that’s exactly what happened.
Now I am going to prove to you that this book that I’m claiming that it’s the book of God, is for sure the book of God. I’m going to prove it to you in a few minutes. How am I going to prove it to you? now you are going to see. The written Torah says to the Jews, everything you are going to eat from the ocean you need to check two things before you eat it. If it has fins and scales it’s kosher. So now we went fishing somewhere in a lake we caught a fish, we see that the fish is smooth it doesn’t have any scales. You can scratch it nothing falls. We know right away this fish is not kosher, but we don’t know the fish we never saw it before. How do we know it’s not kosher? It doesn’t have scales, the Torah says fins and scales, two witnesses to say that it’s kosher, fins and scales. If the fish or anything you took out of the ocean doesn’t have fins and scales don’t touch it’s not kosher. Comes the oral Torah, and the oral Torah makes a statement, every species that you are going to find in the water every water you are going to search, that have as you can see here, that have scales must have fins guaranteed How many kinds of fish we know today? More than 40 thousand different kinds of fish, just fish, that doesn’t include the scorpions the turtles the snakes and so many other things we have in the ocean. Just fish alone 40 thousand different kinds of names. The Torah says if you picked up the fish and it has scales don’t worry I guarantee you that it has fins, scales for sure have fins. Which means if one person from the time the Torah was given 3300 years ago, if one person ever would bring a fish or anything from the ocean a snake that has scales but doesn’t have fins that’s the end of the Torah the end of Judaism immediately no more Yom Kippur no more Pesach no more Shabbat, no more teffilin, no more kosher, no more nothing. Why? first mistake in the Torah, if there is a mistake in the book, it cannot be from God. God does not make such mistakes. Why? he created all nature he said in His Book I never made anything in the ocean with scales and without finds. If there is scales I guarantee you that there are fins as well. How much water we have in the world, who knows? 72% of the world is water. Look at the globe it’s all blue, 3/4 of the world is water. 12 kilometers deep, that’s how deep it is, it’s much much deeper, so far they reached a place at the bottom of the ocean 12 kilometers 8 miles, 8 miles from here to Manhattan or maybe to Queens even, that’s how far inside there are trillions of things that are moving in all the oceans and the lakes and the rivers and the pools and in museums and scientists are always mixing between all kinds of species 3300 years until today nobody ever found something that has scales and doesn’t have fins. And if they do once we have a big problem in the Torah. Now I want to ask you a question, is it possible that a human being was able to write such a thing 3300 years ago? To write such a thing, these are the skills you need to have, first you have to be able to watch simultaneously 72% percent of the world which is, look at the entire globe which is blue, it’s all water, 3/4 of the world is water. You have to watch simultaneously the entire species all of them that moves in all the rivers and all the lakes and to promise there is not even one, in all the lakes and all the rivers and all the pools not even one that has scales and doesn’t have fins. The writer of the Torah promised you will never find one ever, what human being was able to know such a thing. Who could write such a thing? Only the creator of all the oceans. Only the creator of all the fish. Only the creator of all the scientist. Only the one who controls the future perfectly. Who is he in that case, the creator of the world. The Torah says, which animals are Kosher which animals are not kosher? There are two million animals that we know today, two million different kinds of animals, one two three all the way from here to China. What do you think that God is going to write in the Torah all the names of all the animals in the creation of course not who has the patience to read 2 million names. So God gives us a formula two witnesses it always works like these two witnesses, by the fish, it’s fins and scales, by the animals split hoof and chews its cud. Two signs to make sure that the animal is Kosher. If the animal re-vomits the food and re-chews it swallows it again and this is a cycle that the animal digests the food a few times. If the hooves of the animal are cut, there’s a cut in the middle. So the Torah says if you have two signs in the animal they are kosher, you don’t have two signs in the animal they are not kosher. But be careful, God says in the Torah to the jews, be careful, there are four exceptional animals, four exceptional animals they are unique, they may trick you, if you don’t be careful they will trick you. Each one of the four has only one sign of kashrut, not two which means, who are the four animals? The camel, the pig, the rabbit, and the hair, hair is like the rabbit almost the same. Four out of two million that we know today, two million. Only four has one sign, why do I tell you this? I didn’t come to teach you which animals are kosher and which animals are not, only for one reason. If one person will bring another animal somewhere in the world anywhere Zimbabwe Brazil Africa anywhere you want, he will bring another animal and say hey look this animal has split hoofs but it doesn’t chew its cud. It has one sign or it chews its cud but it doesn’t have split hoofs. So that will be five different kinds of animals, not four like the Torah says. That will be the first mistake in the Torah. God says only four animals are exceptional only four, and here we are we found the fifth one. So the Torah wasn’t precise if the Torah is not precise how can we rely on this God?
The Torah says that every Jewish male born has to be circumcised in the eight day. Now we know that we have in our body vitamin K that helps to clog the blood, clogging every wound that we have in our body, it’s very interesting if you take five quarts of blood and put it inside a balloon, and make a hole in the balloon the blood will drip 2-3 hours until everything will be on the ground. The blood will not clog the hole in the balloon that you just made. It will continue to drip for hours until there will not be any blood left. But when it comes to our body if you get cut anywhere in the body and the blood begins to drip after 4-5 minutes somebody told this blood you better close the hole before this person will die. So what happened? the blood dries up and clogs the hole completely, and the life of the person gets saved. Now, what creates this process? vitamin K, vitamin K in our body of course in the time when the Torah was given nobody even know what vitamin K even is. And the Torah ordered us to circumcise our babies in the eight-day, everybody asks why in the eight-day? Let’s do it in the 30th day the baby is stronger let’s do it after 2 months what’s the rush? 8 days is nothing it’s like a chicken this kid, give him a month. The Torah always knows better it just takes us some times 3000 years to find out. The Torah says on the eight-day you have to circumcise every Jewish male born. Now, this is what the scientists have to say. In the research that was made in New York in 1953, the scientist which are not Jewish, they published that from 0-8 days you have problems it’s not enough vitamin K to clog any cut that the baby may have. But in the eight-day, some miracle begins to happen the level of the vitamin K goes up tremendously, from the eight day until the rest of the person’s life he has 100% of vitamin K. But there is only one day in the life of the baby that he gets an extra 10%, 110% vitamin K only in the eight day of the life of the babies. One day from 70 years, who knew it? 3000 years ago that there is one day in the life of every man that he has an extra 10% vitamin K. Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so.

One time, remember in the old days there was no calendar, two witnesses came and saw the renewal of the moon they went to the Jewish court and say today is Rosh Chodesh, we just saw the moon renewed. But the Rabbis that were sitting in the court they were prepared that today approximately at 5 in the evening that the witnesses will start showing in court. How did the Rabbi know? They receive it from generation to generation all the way until Moshe Rabbenu gave this information when he came down the mountain God told him a secret. Why am I showing you this? only for one reason to show you, that what I am going to show you right here no human being in the history was able to know, only the creator of the moon the creator of the sun, the creator of the people, he’s the only one who could have written such a thing. What is it? here two hundred witnesses came to court that day, it was a foggy day, they came to Ramban Gamliel he was sitting in the court waiting for them, they came a few minutes earlier let’s say it was supposed to be Rosh Chodesh around Five they came at four. Rabbi, we just came to testify we saw the renewal of the moon please announce today is the beginning of the month why do they have to announce, remember there is no calendar. Because if they announce that today is Rosh Chodesh now we are going to count 14 days in the 14th day in the evening we are going to celebrate lailah seder, Passover night. We go by what the Rabbis announce because we don’t have a calendar. Two hundred witnesses came and Ramban Gamliel told them your all wrong, not two witnesses two hundred all standing in the court, Rabbi we saw the renewal of the moon why are you telling us no. This is what he answered, I received from generation to generation every time the Gammara says it means that it’s tradition in our hand that Moshe came down from mount sini and God told him this information in the mountain. What is it? the renewal of the moon can never be less than 29 days and a half and two-thirds of the hour and 73 parts of the minute. Let’s calculate 29 days everyone knows what it is, and a half, half a day is 12 hours, two-thirds of the hour, how long is that? 40 minutes, two-thirds of an hour, 73 parts of the minutes take 60 seconds divided by 73 what are you getting? 29.53059000 let’s see what NASA found out this is an original copy from NASA Earth-Moon System, there after years of research, one after the other, satellites computers thousands of employees, billions of dollars form the taxpayer’s money. What did they find? The renewal of the moon the minimum the lowest renewal of the moon is 29.530588 what is the difference between the Americans and the Torah?   two hundred thousandths of a second, take a second, cut it to a hundred thousand equal pieces, take two of them out, that’s the difference between the Torah and what the measurements of NASA. If you think that that’s the end of it, the Germans are always a little bit more meticulous than the Americans, and what did they find? in 1965 in Berlin what happened? the Germans came closer to the truth, they came 29.530589 now the difference is one hundred thousandths of a second, one hundred thousandths of a second. Now tell me please your all intelligent I’m sure, show me one person, 2-3 thousand years ago when the Torah was given from father to son in a generation where there was not even a calculator, no watches, no mega computers, no computers at all, no satellites, who was able to give millions of people a book and tell them that the renewal of the moon that you see over there is precise to a millionth of a second to a hundred thousandth of a second who would know what a hundred thousandth of second is? Even 50 years ago nobody knew, you don’t have to go 3000 years back, this is a clear proof, and nobody can answer against it. This is a clear precise proof, that the book that we have in our hand is the book that was given to us by the creator of the world. 
And you know what, you know what’s the best news?
Right next to it, right next to it, it says you are a Jew you must keep the covenant that I made with you, is the Sabbath. You must keep Shabbat. You want to belong to my nation, you want to earn eternity, I made a covenant with you the Jewish nation to keep the Shabbat. The earth is turning around its self every 24 hours it finishes a full circle, as it’s turning around its self, it goes it finishes a whole year 365 days finishing the entire circle around the sun, why do we need to know that now? Here we have a book that was written 2000 years ago and of course it’s based on what we received on mount Sini in the giving of the Torah that’s what’s called Kabbalah the mystical parts of Judaism. We have 6 discoveries that shock the world and that’s 1500 years before the non-Jewish scientists discover it, until this moment they got the credit for there discoveries even though it was written black on white in the Torah in Judaism in Zohar. The Zohar was written 2000 years ago in Israel by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohi and lets see what Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohi knew already 2000 years ago. First, the whole world is turning around like a ball, not only it’s round its turning around its self, two major discoveries in one sentence. Then there are people on the bottom of the ball and there are people on top. Right there it’s gravity, there are people on the bottom and they are not falling to space, there are people upside down. As a matter of fact, this building if you go in a satellite outside of earth and you’ll be able to see Manhattan, you may see Manhattan the entire Manhattan is in the bottom of the ball we could be upside down all the opposite the head is down the buildings are down…Is turning around like a ball, there are people on the bottom and there are people on the top of the ball. Now and the people who live in different parts of the ball there are differences in the image and the color of there skin based on the weather and the air that they breathe in each place where they live. Now the Zohar continues and says there is a place in the world once it is darkness to those its day for the others. So now he knew how the earth is facing the sun on one side its day on the other side its night, and then there is a place in the world that you cannot find the night only in a very limited time. In the north pole, you have six months light six months dark, but even in the 24 hours that you have in the day it’s all light what do you find over there that there is a very short period of time, something like an hour that it becomes dark for about an hour and right away it becomes sunny again. Its interesting how did he know, he never went to the north pole you know how? how do I know? The first time in history that a person step in the North pole is 1908, exactly 100 years ago. So in the time of the Zohar, nobody knew even if there is a place over there because nobody went there, the world was different than today, no airplanes, you know its only maybe some boats and that’s it. So this is just to give you some information that no human being could give such information 2600 years ago. The Torah says the western wall will never fall down, God promised that the western wall of the temple will never collapse if the western wall in Jerusalem one day will fall down earthquake, the Arabs will shoot a missile on it I don’t know whatever the case may be. God forbid that moment will be the end of Judaism. Not only the end of the wall which is a souvenir from the Bet Hamikdash no the wall what’s the wall? you can rebuild the wall it’s no big deal, it will be the end of Judaism, the end of everything. Why? the Torah promised that God swore that the wall will never fall down, now I have some news for you. The first temple was destroyed 2600 years ago by the Babylonians the second temple was destroyed 2000 years ago by the Romans. Bet Hamikdash the temple had four walls around it one two three and four and the temple was in the middle. When the Babylonians came, they knocked down the walls, When the Romans came, they knocked down the walls in between the Greeks came and they burned Bet Hamikdash 3 major attacks on the holy temple and somehow nobody can explain the western wall is still standing. Now I want to ask you a question when the goy comes to destroy Bet Hamikdash, what incentive he has to leave a wall completely standing, he came to destroy everything. Who would they leave the wall standing? Once, Twice, Three times, no not three times hundreds of times, hundreds of times, in the last two thousand years you know how many wars took place around the wall the Kotel over there, earthquakes wars saljukuih Persians, Muslims, British, Turkish, Arminian, so many empires occupied and destroyed Jerusalem nobody touched the wall. Why? God promised the wall will stay there forever, I’m protecting it. Four walls were made from the same material, three of them fell down in an hour, one of them is standing forever, do you know a human being that will write in his book, even the biggest faker in the world that tried to fake that God gave him a book, lets say he came to fool us why would he take such a risk? to write in his book this wall will never fall down, what are you crazy. I’m going to knock down the wall and I prove that your book is nonsense. All I have to do is to knock down the wall, nobody can knock down the wall, even if you go tomorrow with a plan Hashem promised to protect it.

Until 400 years ago, until Galileo Galilei nobody thought that there are more than 6000 stars in the world, people used to stand on the mountain, and count here one two three. In a bright night maximum, they were able to count is 6000. If you told a person a thousand years ago or two thousand years ago or three thousand years ago, that there are trillions of stars he would know right away that you’re crazy you’re not normal where are you bringing trillions of stars, here 6000 stars what you’re making up numbers?  The Jews always told the goym there are much more stars than what you can see they goym say you the jews are weird. You always have weird things where are you getting these numbers from. So the Jews say we got the Torah from the creator of the world He told us how many stars he made. You did not get it, that’s why you think we are weird, here I’ll give you an example. This is a part from the oral Torah right here page 32 Masehet Brachot in the Gammara, the nation of Israel came to God to complain. Dear God, a person got divorced with his wife and let’s say a few years later he got remarried, let’s say 20 years after he got divorced you come and ask him, hey Moishe, Do you remember your ex-wife Rachel? What is the answer going to be, no? Of course, he remembers her, how can he forget her? Even 40 years later, do you remember if one day you were married? Of course, I had a wife, of course, he remembers everything. So the nation of Israel comes to God. Dear God, a person never ever forgets his ex-wife and you left us and you forgot about us completely? What was the message? the message was the second temple was destroyed the goym threw us out of the holy land we have no life anymore and you left us alone. What was the answer of God? Listen to this, amazing, and God answered, my daughter, twelve sections I created in heaven, twelve sections that’s, by the way, the horoscope, the horoscope is twelve different signs each sign is 30 degrees a circle is 360 degrees. If you divided it to twelve places each slice is 30 degrees. That’s were the horoscope comes from Judaism of course, not like some Jews think that it comes from the Greeks or the other nations. 12 sections I created in heaven and in each section I created 30 armies and in each army, I created 30 legions and in each legion, I created 30 Raton, in each Raton I created 30 caraton, in each caraton I created 30 gistarat, in each gistari I hung 365 thousand multiplied by 10,000 stars and all of that I created for you the nation of Israel and you have the nerve to tell me that I forgot about you and I left you? This is the direct words of God to the Jewish nation 2000 years ago, after the destruction of the second temple lets calculate the math. 12 sections times 30 times 30 times 30 times 30 times 365,000 times 10,000 it gives us Ten to the power of 19 stars, 1 and 18 zeros, very long number, quadrillion I don’t even know how to say this number. And the interesting thing is remember this was written in a generation that there was no telescope everybody thought that there was 6000 stars, and here comes a book a Jewish book the Torah, and the Torah says what are you talking about 6000? there is 1 and 18 zeros stars, you cannot see them, but they exist, in 1608 Galileo Galilei raised his telescope to the sky and he found that there is a lot more galaxies that we couldn’t see, between then until today NASA is very advanced and they found out that there is 10 to the power of 19 stars, incase you had a doubt in front of you in 1990 Dr. T Bruhurts from Queen Mary College in London had a research with mega computers and he found 10 to the power of 19 stars in the universe. It doesn’t really matter what the scientist find it shouldn’t impress us at all, because we have to follow the Torah, the divine Torah that God gave us. But once the scientist find something that matches exactly what the Torah knew 3000 years ago it leaves us very impressed, not because of the scientist they deserve there respect I’m not saying no, because it’s not so simple to find, but we have to be impressed from the book that we have in our hand, each one of us has it in the house. Some of us forget to open it, it’s very dusty, but Torah in Hebrew means instruction. 

For those of you who thought that maybe a faker wrote it, or maybe the Rabbis made it up, get it out of your head, why? Its impossible. The more you learn the Torah, the more you see that these laws are above human, it’s way deeper than human understanding, and not only that. The Torah says clearly don’t try to analyze my laws and understand them in your brain, my way, and your way, are not the same, your way compared to my way, is like comparing an eagle to a worm on the floor, that’s what the Torah says. So get it out of your head, you and I are not equal, I am the creator and you are the creation. A creation does not understand the creator, so you don’t understand the logic in the laws, it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to ignore it. 

How many examples like this do you think I can give you? if I wanted, without exaggerating I could stay with you a year straight without sleeping until next Sunday and give you hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of examples like this that show that the Torah can never be written by a human being never, take the smartest person who ever lived give him all the equipment, give him all the scientist all the genius people from all the nations from all the generations combined they won’t be able to write one page in the Torah. And you know what’s the best part? right next to it, it says that the Jew has to tefillin on his brain and on his heart every day, right next to it. In the same divine book, it’s not two different God’s, same one who gave us a divine book with all this knowledge, the same one told us in the Torah. You the Jews are my only children. I chose you from all the nations to be mine because I love your fathers Abraham Isaac and Yacob. Do me a favor, don’t behave like the Gentiles, why? the gentiles make so many despicable sins in front of me that I got sick and tired of them. If you don’t believe me, it’s right inside the text, “I’ve had it with them”. When you ask a Christian priest, how do we know that your book is really a book of God?  his answer would be, check if you don’t believe check, we have to believe son, we have to believe. But I don’t want to believe I want to know. Things that are spiritual cannot be proven it’s a matter of faith, we have to believe, they were born with belief and die with belief. That belief never turned into a fact, it’s a matter of if you want to believe, believe. If you don’t want to believe, there is no way to prove anyway, the same thing in Islam, there is no way to prove, why? it’s the story of one man, he did not bring any witnesses nobody knows if it really happened or not. Same thing Marry, one day she had a dream, she claimed God came to her and made her pregnant, how many witnesses saw that God came to her while she was sleeping, not even one, of course. There is no way to prove a dream. And when Muhammad showed up from the desert as the Qoran says he came by himself, so nobody ever saw it. And when Buddha came 2400 years ago and he claimed he saw the light, how many people witnessed that? nobody, because it was only his story. All these cults are starting with the story of one man, nobody can back it up, it’s a matter of faith. But in Judaism its the total opposite, it’s not a matter of faith, its something that if you check for one hour the details you know one million percent God really gave it, and that changes all the rules. Having a book in my hand, that it’s  fifty-fifty maybe God gave it maybe not. It’s a big dilemma would I live 70-80 years according to these rules and one day I die and I find it was all baloney it was not from God. Or if the book, I know 100% it’s the book of God, that’s a different story, now I am willing to sacrifice. 47:00

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi