The Science Delusion

To think a house was constructed without a blue print. To think life and the universe was created with no thought at all, with no rhyme or reason. A fool who believes in an effect without a cause, a fool with no God at all. Please keep adding years to the universe as if time could remedy a lacking cause. Adding more time to try and make your lies work, you go further from the truth, because of everything that must exist simultaneously or it could not and would not exist at all. An object will never move no matter how many billions of years you give it, the only thing that can make it do that is a force, a cause. Time will never spontaneously produce the results you want.

Without a flower there is no reproduction, and without reproduction evolution cannot occur. Try and have a flower and bee evolve over billions of years. Once you realize it all had to function perfectly with everything in place  simultaneously or else it would all crumble, you can admit you lied and made those years up, as if time was ever a cause. Time is the effect of creating space.

Why motion why movement at all? Why would a Light enliven it all? Know that what moves you, moves everything else, it’s Wisdom it’s Light fulfilling it all. The space and distance between you and the Light is moving it all.

The effect is in the cause. If the effect is life and consciousness than it must have been in the cause, this is Law. All these years in the wrong direction, when we have always had it all from the beginning, with nothing new under the sun. You seem to think God lied to you, you seem to think your brighter.

When the observer changes, what he observes changes, so what have you learned? Science is like a dog chasing it’s tale attaining nothing at all.

God said, “you will not follow after your Heart and after your eyes which lead you astray”. But did not listen, you followed after your hypotheses and what you observed and made this your new God, you made this your truth. Trying to find truth with foundations of lies. Everything emanating from consciousness and you look and prove and find nothing at all (Hey buddy the keys are in your hand.). Continue to believe that only what you can observe is real, not conscious at all. When will you observe and see that which can’t be observed or seen? Wake up! be conscious that your conscious, and conscious is all.